If you’re reading past this point and haven’t seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead, then sorry, it’s your own fault. I’m going to talk about it. I’ve held my tongue long enough.


Okay? Let’s begin…



I think that boils it down to the essence of this post.

Why do I say that?

I read the books, that’s why. I predicted Maggie was pregnant (because she is in the books) mostly because Glenn wouldn’t let her go on the run and how he phrased it. Frankly, I was terrified for Glenn last season when the Termites were lining people up at the trough to bash their brains in and slit their throats.


Because I. Read. The. Books. (All y’all Game of Thrones fans who were picking on people shocked by The Red Wedding? Welcome to our world…)

In the books, Negan bashes Glenn’s head in with a wickedly adorned baseball bat, and does so in front of Maggie. So at least we were spared that. Yes, they diverge from the books in the TV show. I get it. But I’m now completely caught up with the books, so I can look back and see where they’ve diverged and what they’ve kept.

Keep in mind that it’s only been a couple of “days” since the end of last season, when Porch Dick (aka Pete) killed Deanna’s husband, Reggie, at the nighttime meeting. That’s when Morgan showed up with Daryl and Aaron after he rescued them from the Wolves’ booby trap at the warehouse.

Which, in the books, there aren’t “Wolves.” There’s Negan and his Saviors, and there’s the Whisperers. The Saviors are basically a thug group running a protection racket and taking half of what Alexandria and other settlements have in offer of protection.

Now, there is a zombie herd in the books, that we haven’t really seen a resolution to yet. It’s being controlled by the Whisperers, and is currently a threat being held back. So that’s where they got the quarry idea from for the TV show.

But Tymber, why do you think Glenn is dead?

Because he IS. Steven Yeun’s name hasn’t been on the credits in two episodes now. They painted Glenn and Nicholas’ names on the fence as a memorial. Those were not Nicholas’ guts being ripped out of Glenn, no matter how badly you wish they were.

The last major character we lost was Tyrese, and before that Beth, but in the books she wasn’t alive that long anyway. Before that was Hershel, Beth and Maggie’s father. (Because the fucking Governor wasn’t killed off as soon as he was in the books. ARGH.) In the books, Judith is dead (killed when someone shot Lori when the Governor attacked the prison).

But…also, in the books Carol dies and Andrea lives. So not sure why they did that nonsense. They sort of turned Carol into Andrea’s character. Which is weird, because in the books it’s not a Richonne (which I’d totally be for) it’s a Rindrea.

I don’t think I’d be okay with a Carick or a Ricola. (It should be a Caryl, TYVM.)

So here’s the thing, in the books Daryl and Merle didn’t exist. But Merle lost his arm, which is what happened to Rick in the books (courtesy of the Governor). And Carl got shot and only has one eye, and Enid was with the Whisperers and was a spy. But hey, Eugene is still alive. #GoodHairGame

But I digress. Back to my point.

I think Glenn is dead because they needed to contrast how Glenn and Maggie spent so much time looking for each other last season to find each other. He got the watch out of his pocket in the pet store before he and Nicholas headed out. And one of the first things Glenn ever said to Rick was, “Good luck, dumbass.” And it’s the last thing Glenn says to Rick two episodes ago. And on The Talking Dead, the showrunner had given Cris Hardwick a statement about Glenn, not answering the question, stating that we’d see the essence of him.

Sooooo much there. So much evidence points to Glenn is dead.

Sorry, guys.

Honestly? If they bring Glenn back at this point, I’m going to call MASSIVE cheat and be REALLY pissed off at the showrunners. And losing Glenn will be the least of their worries, seriously. What’s up with that wall? Was that zombie blood oozing through because of so many pressed against it? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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