me-td-dm-barrelofmonkeys3One of the most common questions I get is, “Where do you get your ideas?” Honestly? Getting the ideas isn’t the problem. Finding the time and energy to write everything is the problem.

Especially now. What’s scary is my Drunk Monkeys series was conceived a few months ago, came to me all at once, all ten books, the overall story arc, everything.

That was before Ebola really started hitting the news and had made it to US shores.

Batcrap cray-cray religious whackjob? Well, apparently there’s one of those in the news now.

Massive earthquake potentials on the West Coast? Check.


So in one way, it’s nice to fictitiously be able to kick ass through situations that can’t be controlled. (Although, to be honest, it’s kind of creepy how I write something and then it’s starting to come to pass. Maybe I should write about a middle-aged writer with Fibromyalgia hits the lotto…hmmm…)

me-td-dm-flyingmonkeys3Book six in my Drunk Monkeys series, Flying Monkeys, should be hitting pre-order at Siren-BookStrand any day now. It releases there on 10/27, and will be available on third-party sites in 4-6 weeks. (I have no control over that timeline.) You’ll be able to purchase it from Siren-BookStrand in a variety of formats, and if you have a tablet, they have an iOS and an Android app to make it even easier to read them. (They can also send files directly to your Kindle device.)

Also, if you create a Siren-BookStrand account, you can go to my author page there and sign up to get e-mail alerts when they upload my books for pre-order.

Why does my publisher embargo books for an initial period? Well, to be honest, we do make a slightly higher royalty percentage if you purchase directly from the publisher. That’s a fairly standard thing with most indie publishers with direct-to-reader sales through their sites. So you’re helping us authors out a little more. HOWEVER, as an author and a reader, I understand if you have a preferred third-party site (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, iTunes) and as long as you’re purchasing our books from any legitimate site, believe me, we’re happy.

Please, please, PLEASE be VERY wary of “discount” sites. Most of them are actually pirate sites, and even if you purchase from them, we get ZERO dollars from the sale. In addition, you risk getting files with malware embedded in them, or you risk your computer being infected from malware from their site, or you risk identity theft when they take your payment information and run with it. Or any combination of those.

So please, PLEASE, remember to only purchase author’s books from authorized sources. Some authors also use AllRomanceEbooks/OmniLit, and Smashwords. (A few of my earlier books are on ARe via Siren, and my self-pubbed books are there, and on Smashwords.) Please, protect yourself, and help protect the livelihoods of your favorite authors by only purchasing books from legitimate sources. We greatly appreciate it! (And, for many of us, including myself, that difference is the difference between being able to pay our bills or having to quit writing and find an outside job, meaning less of our books for our readers.) There is one notorious site out there (I won’t list it but it rhymes with pooble) who is a NOTORIOUS pirate site, yet they try to make money off authors. There are others out there, too.

Please, support your authors. I understand times are tough. Believe me, I do, because they’re tough in my house right now, too, and getting tougher every day. Every legitimate sale an author make helps. So thank you for supporting your favorite authors. We greatly appreciate it!

Drunk Monkeys series reading order

Book 1 – Monkey Business
Book 2 – Monkey’s Uncle
Book 3 – Monkey Wrench
Book 4 – Grease Monkey
Book 5 – Barrel of Monkeys
Book 6 – Flying Monkeys (Coming 10/27/14)

“Where do you get your ideas?”
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