(Warning, Florida-based political rant ahead to vent my spleen before it explodes.)

*muttering* not Florida…not Florida…not Florida…DAMMIT, Florida.

Our Gov. in Thief (aka Rick Scott) outdid himself tonight in asshattery at the debate between him and former Gov. Charlie Crist (now running for the office again).

Over a fan. Yes, a fan. The mechanical, blows air kind of fan. The man LOST HIS SHIT OVER A FAN. Oh, and congrats, Slick Rick, you made it onto CNN, too.(I’m surprised he didn’t plead the 5th like he did 75 times in a deposition. Oh, and his company was the center of a HUGE Medicare fraud investigation. Which he resigned from and they ended up settling and paying fines of $1.7 BILLION dollars.) A fan is not a prop. It’s a personal cooling device. I’m sure if Scott wanted his own fan, Crist would have had no problems with that. What, were you afraid you might sweat through your dress shields when faced with hard questions that expose the lies in your campaign ads (as well as the shitty Medicare fraud the company you used to head committed)?

No, I did NOT vote for the thief in the first place, and if voters in this state vote for him again, expect plenty of Twitter ranting and head exploding on my part.

Dear. Gov. Skeletor Scott, we have enough trouble with image problems in this state as it is. Do us a favor, concede the election to the Oompah-Loompah (aka Crist) NOW, ktxbai!

I actually hope Crist gets back into office. He was a pretty decent governor while he was in. Scott is in the pocket of big business, and he’s already proven he’s a shitty CEO (otherwise his former company wouldn’t have been indicted over massive Medicare fraud).

Congrats, asshole. This was your “empty chair” moment. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for handing such a huge gimme to Crist and our state’s voters to show what a douche you are. And, WTF is with you like only blinking once per minute? Do you NOT understand that makes you look like a psycho? Seriously?


#fangate – Florida Gov. Scott – Meet our idiot in chief.
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  • October 29, 2014 at 10:35 pm


    As a registered Republican, I refused to vote for a man who plead the 5th 75 times. I voted for Alexis Sink, but too many people tied their hate for Obama and voted for a crook in a knee-jerk reaction, not what was the better choice for Florida. Voldemort was up to his neck in the whole scheme to defraud Medicare. I didn’t even vote for him in the primary this year.

    And his blind trust doesn’t appear to be so blind as his wife has made a lot of money


    To top it all off, our Attorney General has clearly forgotten she is supposed to represent the citizens of Florida and not protect corporations.


    NY Times uncovered how Dickstein Shapiro’s clients have avoided investigation in Florida since Bondi took office in 2011.

    Accretive Health, a Chicago-based hospital bill collection company, whose operations in Minnesota had been shut down by that state’s attorney general’s office for abusive collection practices, turned to Dickstein Shapiro to make sure Bondi’s office took no action. It didn’t.

    Bridgepoint Education, a for-profit online school, had been under scrutiny for it sales practices in Iowa and other states. After Dickstein set up meetings with Bondi’s staff, the decision was made not to take up the matter.

    A similar meeting was set up for another Dickstein client, Herbalife, which had also been investigated other places for its sales practices. Again no investigation was opened.

    Bondi also dropped the case that her predecessor, Bill McCollum, had started against Travelocity and Priceline—Dickstein’s clients—over allegations the online hotel reservation companies conspired to improperly withhold taxes on hotel rooms booked in Florida.

    Meanwhile Bondi has attended numerous conferences at high-priced resorts—all expenses paid. The NY Times reports nearly $25,000 of airfare, hotels and meals in the past two years just for events sponsored by the Republican Attorneys General Association, funded indirectly by corporate sponsors.

    The Attorney General is supposed to be the “people’s lawyer” –fighting for consumers and individuals in our state. The NY Times questions whether Pam Bondi has truly had the best interests of Floridians in mind.

    I don’t know who her opponent is, but they have my vote.

    • October 30, 2014 at 9:07 am

      Let’s not forget Biondi keeps fighting tooth and nail (and wasting taxpayer money in a big, big way) to keep Florida’s gay marriage ban intact even when they’re FINALLY falling all over the country, and there were even preliminary judgments in this state that meant they might be able to let it fall here, too. Instead, she keeps trying to defend bigotry. Yet when directly asked several times by a reporter about her stance on gay marriage, she refused to answer the question. Hmm, could it be because she is a bigot? Probably.

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