Whoops, more Amazon news. I discovered something new when I logged into the ‘Zon this morning. Looks like they’ve changed their listing system for book rankings. You can now click on books and see where they are ranked in their sub-categories, even if they’re no longer in the top 100 in their categories.


(This screenshot is from my Chrome browser on my laptop. Haven’t tried my iPad yet to see if it’s the same there or not.) LOVE that! It’s a very helpful sales tool for me as an author.


Now available for pre-order: Hot Sauce (Suncoast Society 26)

Now Available: Vicious Carousel | Love Slave for Two on Audiobook: Amazon | Audible

Also Available: Friends Like These | Out of the Spotlight | Broken Arrow | Baxter the Bondage Cat returns in Kinko de Mayo | Chains | Spank or Treat | A Turn of the Screwed Click Love Slave for Two series collection bundle |  Things Made Right | A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day | Sapiosexual 

Amazon changes how book rankings are displayed.
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