#brasaga – The search for new chesticle containment units.

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I’ve talked about my fibromyalgia before. One of the things that causes me issues is I haaaaaate “real” bras. Not just hate them, but they’re literally painful for me to wear. Sports bras, I’m fine with. I’ve tried various kinds over the years, and both the style (and expense) caused me to basically give up. I’m also short-waisted, so traditional bras tend to dig into my rib cage.

Again, ow.

They also tend to cause me headaches. (I mean, I’ve ALWAYS had this problem over the years, even when I’ve had fittings for bras like at Victoria’s Secret or department stores, etc.)

I basically settled on wearing very soft camisoles from Jockey under my shirts, and only wearing a real bra for weddings/funerals kind of events. (The running joke is someone knows I love them if I put on a bra for their whatever it is I need to show up to.)


Since I work from home, this usually isn’t an issue. Literally I’ve needed to wear a bra a whopping two times in the past year. (Other than a sports bra for, like, yard work or something.)

But the sports bras I have (comfy, thank you very much) aren’t exactly “dressy.”

And I have Shameless Book Con coming up, for which I purchased a couple of ADORABLE CowCow dresses (unicorns and dinosaurs, oh, my!) to wear.

Meaning… Hmm.

Bras are needed.

Since I also hate to shop, and my budget won’t allow me to spend more money on a bra than I spend on a pair of fricking shoes, I turned to my old friend, Amazon.

Where I found this gem:


Holy shitballs, y’all! I looked at the size chart, and of COURSE I was literally between two sizes. (I’m a C-cup, sort of.) So I read the reviews, saw they tend to run small, and opted to order an XL and an XXL and try them both. I’m glad I did. I went with the XXL and returned the XL, then ordered a multi-pack with colored ones, and a pack of the black ones.

OMG. These are the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn, no shit.

I get it that some folks might not be able to use them because they have heavy-duty chesticles that require major levels of containment, but for someone like me, these have been amazing.

AND…they’re reasonably priced.

If you are between two sizes, go UP a size, unless you can afford to get two sizes and do what I did, which is return the one that didn’t fit. I would say take whatever normal T-shirt size you are and try a size up.

There’s my personal recommendation. I’m not affiliated with the seller in any way, and I purchased them with my own money and without any compensation of any kind. I just like to share good stuff when I run across it and really love it. I know I have readers with fibro and other health issues like I have (arthritis, CFS, cardiac issues) and if it can help someone else, then great.

Bonus, now I can wear my cute CowCow dresses at Shameless next month! WOOT!

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#brasaga – The search for new chesticle containment units.
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