Suncoast Society – 79

When Joel’s forced to confront Fen’s demon head-on, will he exorcise his sweet hubby’s pain, or will it damage their fragile new marriage beyond repair?

(Contemporary romance, BDSM, power exchange, MM, twink side sub, wounded hero, cinnamon roll Dom, smol for tall, grumpy for sunshine, HEA)

Writing As: Tymber Dalton
Release Date: August 13, 2018

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Sparks will fly!

Fen enjoys married life with Joel in their new house. Despite getting their happily ever after, an old shadow still darkens Fen’s soul. But between taking up a new hobby, a weekend getaway to visit his bestie, and a drunken pole-dancing contest to keep him busy, there’s also the unsettled matter of his ghost…

Joel never thought life could ever be so sweet or perfect. As far as he’s concerned, they don’t need to change a damn thing about their relationship. Although Fen’s belief in a ghost is a little spooky, it’s just another day living with the most perfect man he could have ever married.

Except emotions can sometimes run high and out of control. When Joel is forced to confront Fen’s ancient demon head-on, will he exorcise his sweet hubby’s pain for good, or will it create a rift that damages their new marriage beyond repair?

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