Governor Trilogy – Book 2

She never comes in second…

(Political romance, MMF, M/s, friends to lovers, wounded hero, cinnamon roll hero, power exchange dynamic, secret workplace romance, HEA)

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

Release Date: 9/07/2018

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I never come in second—that’s just how my daddy raised me.

Except now, I find myself willingly choosing exactly that—being second. Publicly, I might seem to serve at the governor’s pleasure, but that’s nothing close to the truth.

He serves me at mine. Especially the pleasure part.

We both serve my husband, Carter. Or, as Owen dubbed him long ago, the bastard extraordinaire.

I never knew what I was really getting into when I met Owen and Carter. Maybe it’s better I didn’t. Maybe I would’ve run away if I had.

Boy, how I love him. Both of them. Somehow, they make being second okay. And in eight years?

It’ll be my turn.

I am Susa Evans, lieutenant governor of the great state of Florida.

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Praise for the Governor Trilogy:

Prepare for the mother of all book hangovers. This epic trilogy has it all – sex, obsession, and political machinations. We couldn’t put it down! — Sadie Haller & Ainsley Booth, bestselling authors of the Frisky Beavers series

GovernorLieutenant and Chief create an epic story spanning decades that kept me engrossed in the story as it unfolded.This is the kind of story that will stick with you long after you put your Kindle down. — Denise – Shh Moms Reading

Governor, Lieutenant and finally Chief by Lesli Richardson is a trilogy of epic proportions. In book 1 you get Owen’s POV and from there you’re set off on an emotional journey you don’t know if you want to get off or…well no, you definitely want to stay on till the very end. Of course in book 2 you get Susa’s POV and holy crap on a cracker is it good. Finally, Carter’s book. And his was the one I couldn’t wait to read and now I’m suffering from a book hangover. If you want a trilogy filled with so much emotion and stories that will have you turning the page until you get to the end, then these are the books for you. Love, tragedy, scorching heat and romance fill the pages along with three stories told in such detail I feel like I know…like I was there with each of the characters. 5 Stars for Ms. Richardson 💜 USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Boon

Governor, Lieutenant, and Chief, talk about a smoking hot series that gets better and better with each book. Owen, Susa, and Carter, three characters that totally blew my mind. I started out not liking Carter but by the time I got to his book, I loved him, no doubt about it. He is everything a Master needs to be and his devotion to his pets, makes you fall in love with him. Lesli Richardson delves into a political world that does not take away from this series but takes this romance to the next level. This is a series you should not miss! Loved it from the first page to the last. You know what, there are no words, simply amazing. — International Bestselling Author Sam Crescent