#RWAshitshow – FINALLY, the resignation that was needed.

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(Warning: Lots of swearing.)

TYMBER! Why haven’t you been screaming about the #RWAshitshow going on??

Obviously you don’t follow me on Twitter and Facebook, if you think that. Because I have been screaming about it over there. But I’ve had the holidays, and family issues, and health issues, and STILL trying to get two books out that should’ve been out last month, and *gestures wildly at the world* everything else going on.

The other problem being that the developments were coming fast and furiously, and like a goddamned fricking fire hose. There wasn’t a way for me to keep up with all of it. (Which is one of the reasons I have two late books right now.)

The latest is that Damon Suede FINALLY resigned today. (Of course I was driving to a doctor’s appointment when the news broke.)

The RWA is broken, and is deeply riddled with bigotry and racism, and has been for YEARS. It’s why I was a member for only one year. I nearly rejoined after Cockygate, but then didn’t get around to doing it. And then…

*gestures wildly at the world*

If you don’t know what’s going on, there’s a fantastic timeline of it on Claire Ryan’s page HERE.

I saw the initial Twitter thread that the complaints filed about referred to, and Courtney Milan got fucking shafted. (Also, the follow-up Guardian story showed that one of the complaints filed against her contained outright lies, so…)

The book in question WAS a hot fucking racist mess. The fact that NOW the author in question DID finally make “some changes” (after people “nicely” talked to her) proves that yeah, it was a fucking mess. (There’s a PhD who did a takedown of another of the same author’s books, which was also a hot fucking mess, except about an indigenous people.)

I’m sorry, but if you’re a publisher and a BUNCH of people, including authors of color, are telling you that you’ve hired people who have proven track records of problematic behavior, you don’t go on the offensive and wave your hands and claim “but they’re such nice people.” You fucking shut your piehole and LISTEN.

And, even better, now one of the authors who left the publisher even posted a rebuttal (on Claire’s post you’ll find the link) saying that it wasn’t Courtney’s comments that made her back out (like the publisher claimed in her complaint), it was the PUBLISHER’S actions in supporting problematic people that made her back out.

The GOOD thing about all this happening is FINALLY people can see what authors of color and marginalized authors have been SCREAMING about for YEARS–the RWA is full of Nice White Ladies (NWLs) who have engaged in systemic microaggressions and outright racist/bigoted acts (do NOT fucking “not all” me) for DECADES.

I’m a cis white author, and if I was treated like shit, I can only imagine how much worse it must have been for authors of color.

Just because YOU don’t see racism happening doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Obviously, there are a lot of great people in the RWA, but until you root out the systemic racism that’s been allowing the status quo to remain for so long despite so many people on the board trying to get rid of it, means the problem is deeper.

And what the unholy FUCKBALLS was going on that Damon Suede was even allowed to run for president without the requisite basic qualifications? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??

Authors of color shouldered a MASSIVELY fucking heavy load getting the recall petition out (TWICE) over the FUCKING HOLIDAY SEASON. It’s time for white authors to fucking clean house in there and let the bigots know they’re not welcomed and escort them to the door. Unless or until that happens, this same shit will keep happening. The burden needs to stop falling to the authors of color. They didn’t make this fucking mess–NWLs made this fucking mess, and it’s up to authors who are privileged to step up to the fucking plate and FIX this shitshow, if it’s even capable of salvaging at this point.

So…How’s that for starting 2020 with a fucking rant, huh?

In other news, Innocent and Incisive are going to be MASSIVE honking books. Indiscretion was already a large one. As soon as I have them ready for pre-order I’ll post links and announde it, don’t worry.


Indiscretion (Inequitable Trilogy 1, MMM)

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Leo Cruz is a retired Secret Service agent. Even though he survived a small-plane crash, being the body man for President ShaeLynn Samuels is frequently the most terrifying job he’s ever held.

VP Elliot Woodley is deep in the closet and has his eye on being POTUS in eight years. Trouble is, Leo can’t seem to let Elliot go despite Elliot’s inability to commit to something long-term between them.

In walks young staffer Jordan Walsh, like a lamb among starving lions.

And Leo’s feeling pretty damn hungry.

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From birth, my life has been a series of wrong turns and dead ends. Only one person truly loved me, and I walked away from them. Now, they’re unavailable.

I have a dark soul. That’s what I’ve always been told. Makes me good at my work, though. It’s kept me alive, even when I haven’t cared if I lived or died. Even when I welcomed death, and it still eluded me. Makes it easy not to get attached. I guess I’m lucky.

Until an unexpected reversal of fortune thrusts me into an unwinnable situation. Now, I’m not so sure I want to die.

But a brother’s unkept promise might be the only thing that keeps me alive.

Author’s Note: This is Eddie’s book (from Chief – Governor Trilogy book 3). It is recommended you read Chief and Yes, Governor before reading this book.

Also, before you ask, no, do NOT panic. He’s not joining Carter, Owen, and Susa. How does he get his HEA? You’ll just have to read and find out. <evil grin>

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#RWAshitshow – FINALLY, the resignation that was needed.
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