This past week was…a week. I’m still recovering. I feel like I survived a bucking bronco without the benefit of landing in cow shit or having people cheering my efforts.

The high point? I’ve got a book collection on special that shot high up on Amazon’s charts. Cool, right?

Midpoint? My dad was finally discharged from the hospital, but they still don’t know why he’s got vertigo and fainting. He has follow-ups with doctors pending.

The low? I got to stand at the bedside of a friend in ICU as she died.

I’m still trying to compose my thoughts and feelings and decompress and deal. Last week was a deadline week on top of everything, and…I feel like there’s just NOT enough Xanax in the world right now. Or muscle relaxers (I feel like one big myofascial knot). Today is an emotionally numb day. Will probably head back to bed soon. I feel like my last nerve was grated raw while the Rockettes tap-danced all over it. I am not fit for human company today. Seriously.

So after the jump, a few freebies today, some other stuff to help keep the mortgage company and electric company happy, and to my peeps who kept me out of the bell tower this past week (you know who you are) thank you for your love and support. I wouldn’t have made it through this week without Hubby or all of your support and love. ((HUGS))

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So here’s what’s what right now, some catch-up news in case you missed it, and then the freebies and some non-freebies that caught my eye. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

me-td-loveslavefortwo3My Love Slave for Two 5-book bundle collection is on sale at .99 for a very limited time. If you’re missing any of the books in the series, this is a GREAT deal!



s-td-ss-brokenarrow3Broken Arrow (Suncoast Society 22, MMF, BDSM) is starting to make it to third-party outlets.


Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK)
Nook | Kobo | Google | iTunes

Click here to read an adult excerpt from Broken Arrow.


Brooke is a wounded vet who took over her father’s classic car repair business when tragedy forced his early retirement. She’s great at her job. But fixing herself? Not so much. She’s shut herself off from life as a form of penance and a survival mechanism, until her friend Eliza decides Brooke needs a night out.

Cody and Justin are lovers and partners. They’re Doms, but not to each other. They’ve also fallen into a relationship rut. When Eliza introduces them to Brooke, they discover they have more than classic cars and The Walking Dead in common.

Brooke knows life is meant for the living, but in many ways she feels she’s forgotten how. As she grows closer to the men, she realizes maybe it’s time to try something different and look for happiness somewhere other than TV shows and her cat.

And that, maybe, it’s time to let the hunky Doms show her how they want to love her.

Now Available for Pre-Order: Vicious Carousel (Suncoast Society 25, MMF, BDSM)

Available for Pre-Order
Available for Pre-Order

Available for Pre-Order!

Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites. I have no control over that. If you have a Kindle, you can order directly from Siren-BookStrand and have the file sent right to your device/app. If you have another kind of device, or read on a tablet, you can buy other format files from Siren-BookStrand and either download them or transfer them to your device. Nook | Kobo | iPad | BookStrand App via iTunes or Google Play for Android (Includes FREE books!)


Betsy has nothing left to lose but her life when she manages to escape the vicious carousel of abuse she’s suffered at the hands of her Dom. When her Suncoast Society friends rush to her rescue, Nolan and Kenny volunteer to take Betsy in and protect her, with their friends’ blessings.

Nolan and Kenny are no strangers to having a third, but there’s something different about Betsy. They know she must heal and overcome her physical and mental wounds before they can fully earn her trust. She’s got a lot of help from June, Tilly, Eliza, and others. Still, the men hope that when Betsy’s ready, she might want them as more than just friends.

One thing Betsy knows for sure as she traverses her rocky road to recovery—she wants Nolan and Kenny to be a permanent part of her life. But as her ex’s trial approaches and revenge threatens, will her happy ending with them be ripped away?

Click here for the Suncoast Society reading order.

Did you see the post I did on how to find LEGALLY FREE E-BOOKS on a variety of platforms? If not, please check it out, and feel free to share the post everywhere. There’s no excuse for utilizing pirate sites when there are SOOOOO many LEGALLY free e-books out there.

And did you know Hubby has some books out, both as Jon Dalton and as Haley Jordan? He’s also working on edits for the second Wolf Mallory novel.

DancingOnATightrope_200x300I have a Facebook Page, and also my Tymber’s Trybe Facebook group. (We have some wild parties in the Trybe sometimes. Watch out for Sparkles the unicorn. You might wake up in the back of a free candy van and covered with glitter…) I also post sneak peeks, cover reveals, and periodically run giveaways for books there. So…come join the party!

And if you’re on Twitter, you can follow me there as well. (Also, I have a list of weather tweeters there, so if you live in regions of severe weather, feel free to subscribe to that list. Breaking weather alerts are broadcast by many of the people on that list.


Here’s a batch of (LEGAL) freebies for you to enjoy. Remember to check the prices BEFORE you one-click, and I make no assurances to the quality of the free books, just that they’re legally free as of the time of posting.

Also, here’s a list of some not-free stuff. Enjoy!


Available for Pre-Order: Vicious Carousel

Now Available: Friends Like These

Also Available: Out of the Spotlight | Broken Arrow | Baxter the Bondage Cat returns in Kinko de Mayo | Chains | Spank or Treat | A Turn of the Screwed Click Love Slave for Two series collection bundle |  Things Made Right | A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day | Sapiosexual  | Crafty Bastards

Monday…yeah, it’s like that. (Freebie Alert 6/1/2015)
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  • June 1, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    There is nothing that I can say that will make the pain go away but I just want to express my condolences. As you work through your grief please take care of yourself, let others in your life help you, & don’t fall into the trap that you have to meet arbitrary milestones in the process.

  • June 2, 2015 at 12:17 am

    Huge Hug!

  • June 3, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Tymber, +1 on what Julaine said. & ((hugs))

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