Suncoast Society – 32

(Contemporary BDSM, MMF, HEA)

Tilly, Cris, and Landry assumed the rest of their future together was smooth sailing. Until Cris’ cousin—and her newborn baby—impact their lives forever.

Writing As: Tymber Dalton
Release Date: October 26, 2015

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Tilly, Landry, and Cris all thought their lives had settled down and they could relax. Great careers and emotional healing lead Tilly to believe they have a charmed life. In her heart, however, she still mourns the fact that she can never have children. But secure with the love of Landry and Cris, and knowing they have a peaceful future ahead, helps her heal.

Then Tilly gets a call from Sofia, Cris’ younger cousin. The desperate new mother needs their help to escape a dangerous situation, and Tilly cannot turn her back on Sofia…or her newborn infant.

Unfortunately, the tragic impacts quickly escalate as Sofia’s troubles worsen and Tilly, Landry, and Cris find themselves guardians of a newborn. Can they fight relatives and old demons to regain their peace of mind and preserve their new family, or will Tilly’s heart once again be crushed by forces beyond her control?

Related Books: Tilly, Cris, and Landry appear in several books in the series, but their first and focal book is Cardinal’s Rule, and they also have a vignette in Click. Also, Bob’s story is told in Borderline.