10155461_497427113696676_1157342717_nA follow-up from my blog post yesterday where I took on yet another radical feminist who insists that all BDSM is abuse, regardless of consent or not.

Apparently, the blogger doesn’t like hearing the truth, that the examples they used in their blog were completely unrealistic and unrepresentative of the majority of people who practice healthy, consensual BDSM. My comment (which I included in my blog post yesterday) and the comments of several others, have been deleted.

I find it ironic that a blogger who puts forth a supposedly educated and thoughtful facade is so narrow-minded and shallow that they refuse to allow respectful debate and rebuttal when they publish fairly heinous, as well as erroneous, claims. In other words, apparently they’re scared that someone might, oh, I don’t know, prove them wrong.

So the bottom line is, they pretty much fall in line with other radicals, such as racists and homophobes, those who want Sharia law enacted, etc., people who refuse to even listen to opposing viewpoints. It’s one thing to disagree with a lifestyle choice. I have no problem with people who disagree with the safe and consensual BDSM lifestyle. I get that it’s not everyone’s cuppa. Live and let live.

What I have a problem with is someone deliberately and maliciously publishing lies about the BDSM lifestyle and those of us who choose to practice it. There’s no other explanation for the kind of lies that blogger is choosing to spew. If they were truly interested in a discussion, they would encourage debate. Instead, they want to stifle any opinion but their own. Yes, it’s their blog, and they’re entitled to their opinion. Meaning that we’ll have to have discussions without them, while they stay hidden in their little corner of the Interwebz and pretend that they’re morally superior to the rest of us. I find it ironic that one of the commenters complained there weren’t enough places for them to discuss their views.

Uh, snowflake, ya got one right there, because the owner of that blog has no desire to encourage healthy discussions. They simply want to rake kinksters over the coals because they apparently find BDSM morally repellant. Or, they simply want people who will nod and agree with their point of view and make them feel morally superior, when the truth is, I feel genuinely sorry for them for their emotionally stunted world view.

Live and let live, people. What consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms is none of your business. It’s sad that someone who claims to be a feminist has to even be told that. But apparently, if you aren’t practicing her flavor of feminist sexuality, you don’t deserve to have an opinion, much less you aren’t entitled to practice it the way you wish.

The irony, of course, is that I (and others who practice healthy and consensual BDSM) couldn’t give a rat’s ass what she does or doesn’t do in her sex life.

Well, some people just refuse to hear the truth.
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One thought on “Well, some people just refuse to hear the truth.

  • July 17, 2014 at 5:57 am

    I´ve learned that some people you just can´t have a discussion with, they won´t listen. This is just proof of that. Better to write your opinion like you do, and spread it as much as possible, =)
    I might not practice BDSM myself, but I believe in Live and let live, so I can´t understand what she/he is up to. I don´t even want to go to her site to comment, because I don´t want to add to her sites traffic LOL

    Happy Thursday, anyhow =)

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