All three books available in one box set.

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What’s the worst that can happen?

All three books of the Devout Trilogy (Sacred, Profane, Penance) in one box set, by USA Today Bestselling Author Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson.

This MMM contemporary political romance series features older main characters, a second-chance at first and lost love, power exchange, pining, frenemies to lovers, a secret workplace romance at the highest levels of our nation’s government, political intrigue, and a satisfying HEA. This standalone trilogy is set in the world of the Governor Trilogy series.

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Sacred (Book 1)

One hall pass—redeemed.

In college, I made the mistake of falling in love with Ward, who was deep in the closet and terrified to come out to his conservative, religious family.

He called me Master. Said he loved me. Said he’d be mine forever.

I guess he lied, because he ghosted and didn’t even attend graduation. It broke my heart and fucked my head.

Eventually, I moved on, married a great guy, and became a US senator.

Guess who just showed up as a freshman senator? And guess who’s my hall-pass fuck?

Did I say I moved on?

I guess I lied.

Ward can’t run from me now.

Profane (Book 2)

Beep-beep, motherfucker.

My husband Liam’s a hot, hunky Master, and a US Senator. What’s not to love?

I mean, besides his hot and hunky ex, Ward.

Who’s also Liam’s hall-pass fuck exception, because I never thought it’d be redeemed.

I feel kind of sorry for the guy. Because my husband has several truckloads of pain to offload on that man.

And so do I.

Meaning I have a front-row seat to the festivities.

Beep-beep, motherfucker.

Penance (Book 3)

What’s the worst that can happen?

My life has been a series of bad mistakes I’ve let my father make for me—my degree, my career, and my sham marriage.

I walked away from the only person who ever brought love and happiness into my life.

Liam married a great guy, while I’m living a bunch of lies.

When I walked into that Senate chamber and saw Liam, it all came back. Everything.

My promise to Him.

I never broke it—I’m still His, and always have been.

Daniel warns me if I break his husband’s heart again that I’ll find out exactly how bad things can get.

What’s the worst that can happen?

I’m desperate enough to want to find out.