Blow Shit Up!: A Guide to Method, Mayhem, Madness, and Magic for Writers Stuck in a Rut

(NON-FICTION, writing-how-to, creative writing, writer’s block, plotting)

Writing As: Lesli Richardson (Tymber Dalton)

Release Date: June, 2022

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“Where do you get your ideas?”

And what happens when the well runs dry?

If you spend any length of time writing fiction, it eventually happens to all authors—you hit a wall in your story and you aren’t sure what to do next.

More accurately, you don’t know what your characters are going to do next.

Even if you outlined your story within an inch of your characters’ lives, now your book’s bottomed out and blown a tire on a plothole in the center of your writing road, and you’re stuck at midnight in the middle of nowhere, in the rain, with no cell coverage and no help in sight.

So to speak.

Or, worse, you’re losing sleep over a looming deadline and panic’s setting in.

Now what?

Let’s blow some sh*t up!

Or…not. But yeah, we will. We’re going to blow the sh*t out of your writer’s block and get your story back on track.

Maybe you’re just starting to work on your book and need some ideas of what tortures to inflict on your characters.

Hello, friend! You’re also in the right place.

This book isn’t a generic list of possible plot points and story prompts scraped off Reddit’s AITA sub. It’s a blueprint for you to use regardless of your story’s genre—whether you’re writing a short story, a novel, a play, or a screenplay. It’s a guide to teach you how to change your plot’s flat tire, puzzle your way out of your problem, give the finger to writer’s block, and keep readers turning pages all the way until THE END.

Award-winning author Lesli Richardson—and her USA Today Bestseller pen name Tymber Dalton—has penned over 250 titles and counting in diverse genres from mainstream science fiction, to urban fantasy, to romance. Learn her tips and secrets to plotting your way through your writer’s block without ripping out what’s left of your hair…or drinking your poor liver into safewording!