Coffeeshop Coven (prequel)

The land remembers…

(MF, romantic suspense, horror, supernatural, romance, second chance love, older MCs, HEA)

Writing As: Tymber Dalton

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[Content Warnings: Off-page sexual violence, mentions of past CSA & DV, depictions of alcoholism.]

Out of the Darkness (old ebook cover)
Out of the Darkness ebook cover

The land remembers…

Built on a cursed patch of land, George Simpson’s house of horrors ruined many lives. Author Steve Corey rents it as a surprise in a desperate attempt to salvage what’s left of his marriage.

Samantha Corey thought getting Steve sober in the early days of their marriage would be the hard part, but she’s reached the end of her rope and is ready to leave. It doesn’t help that her thoughts have turned to Matt Barry, Steve’s best friend—and her old love.

Now, Samantha needs Matt more than ever as Steve’s behavior deteriorates. She wonders if her husband’s sick, drinking again, or if her own sanity’s in question. The house has a dark agenda. Even though she’s ready to divorce Steve, she’s not ready to relinquish his soul to the ancient evil enveloping him. Can she and Matt pull him from Out of the Darkness?

Related Books: Ed and Mitch are featured in Red Tide. Matt and Sami also make appearances in Red Tide, as well as other books in the Coffeeshop Coven series.

Trivia: Was originally published by another publisher, writing as Lesli Richardson. It won the 2010 EPIC award for horror. Extensive material was restored when it was re-published by Siren in 2012. The newest print version was published in 2023 and was lightly edited with no story changes. The Croom motorcycle park, mining pits, and gravestone all exist (albeit are used fictitiously).

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4.75 STARS: “I’m a huge Tymber Dalton fan, and to be honest I have wanted to read this book since I read the description. I had to beat my chicken side down to read it, but I am so glad I did. Although it had me scared shitless, I enjoyed the hell out of it! I honestly could not stop reading until it was done. This is a wonderfully written beauty of a story!!For years this house and land has been causing tragedies, and now Sami’s husband, Steve, has surprised her with renting it for the summer. From the get go the house doesn’t feel right so she decides to do some research on it. Being a writer she sees the potential for a book on the house’s history. Sami is at her wits end with Steve. She has told him this is his last chance at saving their marriage and it isn’t going so good. Since moving into the house Steve’s moods have gotten even worse and at times he doesn’t even seem like his self. She suspects he is drinking again, but can’t find any evidence to prove that. Steve loves his wife and will do whatever it takes to save his marriage. He doesn’t think he can, and he can’t seem to fight of these dark thoughts and voices that have surrounded him. Can he win the fight against the evils of this house before something bad happens to him or Sami?? Matt is Steve’s best friend and agent, and unbeknown to Steve he is Sami’s former lover. They have a history from before Matt introduced Sami and Steve, a past that has never been resolved. Sami is tired of fighting for Steve to treat her good and tired of fighting her feelings for Matt. But first they have to fight to save Steve from this house. Can they do that before it’s too late?? I can’t say enough good about this book!! I enjoyed it sooo much. I’m the world’s biggest chicken, but I love stories like this. I am a huge fan of great ghost stories!! This one doesn’t disappoint!! Just when you think you have it all figured out another twist pops up and shocks you!! I put this one up there with classics like the Shinning and Amityville. I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did!!” — KC Lu, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews