Bleacke Shifters

When you’re a Bleacke, every moment is a Bleacke moment…

(mf, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, shifters)

Coming 2021

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

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Dewi’s poised to become an aunt several times over, in addition to her own impending first-time motherhood. Between worrying about her job as Head Enforcer for the Targhee pack, and her responsibilities as the head of the expanded pack council, she’s feeling stretched a little…thin.

Metaphorically, that is.

Feels like she’s about to give birth to a baby elephant, not a wolf.

Plus, there’s still a psychotic corgi shifter on the run.

And a Mexican drug cartel looking for revenge.

Oh, and there might be a lone-wolf trying to sell out shifters.

Dewi knows one thing for certain—their lives are about to change forever.

Whether they’re all alive on the other side remains to be seen.

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