Suncoast Society Volume 10: His Canvas (Book 10) & Sapiosexual (Book 14)

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His Canvas (Book 10)

Despite an overbearing uncle, Mallory enjoys her time at the BDSM club. She wasn’t looking for love when handsome rigger, Kel, volunteers to play with her. Yet, somehow, he manages to tie more than her curvaceous body—he binds her heart. But will their relationship be torn apart when her uncle tries to interfere?

Sapiosexual (Book 14)

Chelbie Larson’s turned on by intelligence, but the snarky, feisty woman knows she’s too much for any one guy to handle. She’s also picky and refuses to settle for less than what she wants. Enter Nick and Rich Hurst, fledgling kinkster twins. Maybe dreams can come true. And her life will never be the same.

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