Suncoast Society Volume 15: A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day (Book 15), Things Made Right (Book 16), Click (Book 17), Spank or Treat (Book 18)

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A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day (Book 15) [Various]

Gilo and Abbey are hosting a Valentine’s Day party for their Suncoast Society friends, complete with a rope rigging contest. Let the games begin! Have a voyeuristic visit with your favorite characters as they battle for bragging rights for the top rigging title.

There might even be a dramatic surprise or two in store…

Things Made Right (Book 16) [MF]

Loren is interested in Ross, but despite what others tell her she doesn’t think he reciprocates her feelings. Until the night her world is ripped apart and Ross is the one to help her put it back together again. Some things can’t be fixed, but sometimes, they can be made right.

Click (Book 17) [Various]

It’s not all about the moans and cries of pleasure, or the sharp crack of a whip, or the thuddy smack of a paddle against flesh. Sometimes, the best parts of BDSM lay nestled among the softer sounds of play.

Spank or Treat (Book 18) [Various]

Seth and Leah are throwing a Halloween party for their friends from the Suncoast Society. Melancholy memories swirl through the minds of many of the attendees even as they have a howling good time.

But what’s that lurking in the spooktacular display in the front yard? Is it a prankster…or are the kinksters inside not the only ones in high spirits on this spank or treat night?

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