Suncoast Society Volume 20: Chains (Book 20), Kinko de Mayo (Book 21), Broken Arrow (Book 22)

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Chains (Book 20) [MMF]

Rebecca escaped her abusive, domineering ex-husband and Dom and now lives her life on the road as a chainmaille jewelry artisan with her dog, Chewi. Unfortunately, she can’t escape her old fear. When circumstances force her back to Sarasota, she meets Toby and Logan and realizes maybe she’s not as happy as she thought.

Toby and Logan are struggling months after a betrayal by their ex. Discovering their next door neighbor’s body shocks them into realizing how short and precious life is. When they learn their neighbor’s adorable niece has friends—and interests—in common with them, all signs point to yes. Don’t they?

Rebecca knows their friends are all rooting for them. But when a chance encounter threatens her new-found stability, will she run, or take a stand and break free from the invisible chains she’s allowed to bind her all these years?

Kinko de Mayo (Book 21) [Various]

The members of the Suncoast Society always enjoy throwing a good fetish party, even if it means making up their own kinky takes on vanilla traditions.

Kinko de Mayo is no exception. Leave it to Max and Sean to put their unique spin on the holiday, even if Cali is less than thrilled by their…enthusiasm.

But despite the festivities, some members are struggling with major life decisions and have to lean on their friends for support. Because when the fun is over and the spankings finish, love and friendship is what truly holds the group together through thick and thin.

Broken Arrow (Book 22) [MMF]

Brooke is a wounded vet who took over her father’s classic car repair business when tragedy forced his early retirement. She’s great at her job, but fixing herself?

Not so much. She shuts herself off from life until her friend Eliza decides Brooke needs a night out.

Cody and Justin have fallen into a relationship rut. When Eliza introduces them to Brooke, the two Doms discover they have more in common with the melancholy mechanic than classic cars and zombie TV shows.

Brooke knows life is meant for the living, but in many ways she feels she’s forgotten how. As she grows closer to the men, she realizes maybe it’s time to try something different and look for happiness somewhere other than TV shows and her cat.

But can she bring herself to let the hunky Doms show her how they want to love her?

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