Do. Not. Read. Reviews. Period.

Writer Beware in red text.

On a Facebook group I’m a member of, a fellow writer lamented a scathing reader review they received where they were (literally) told they should seek out another form of employment, because writing wasn’t their forte. I’ve made no bones about the fact that one of the worst things a writer can do is read … Read More

Writing How-To: Avoiding Head Hopping POVs

writing how-to, chalkboard with writing on it

Well, yesterday I did something I don’t get as much time to do lately as I’d like. I sat and finished reading a book. Unfortunately, this book was an older romance (published in the early ’90’s). I ordered it and the sequel from because the sequel had been talked about on an discussion … Read More

Writing How-To: He said WHAT?

writing how-to, chalkboard with writing on it

Continuing the writing how-to series, another frequent issue that crops up, especially in romance/erotica novels — guys speaking unnaturally. “You little minx.” Now, honestly. When have you EVER heard a modern guy call a woman a “little minx?” I’m not talking a period/historical (although in those I think it’s overused too). Or a hellcat, spitfire, … Read More