Want to follow me on social media? Here’s a list of my social media accounts both as Tymber and as Lesli. (Some I only have accounts for as Tymber.) I’m most active on Facebook, with Instagram and Twitter close behind.


I have Facebook pages for my Tymber Dalton and Lesli Richardson pen names, as well as Facebook pages for most of my series. Because of several reasons (including Facebook cracking down on romance authors) I am rarely accepting most friend requests now. So instead of sending me a friend request, please “like” my main Facebook page instead. While there, you can click Show in News Feed, Get Updates, as well as add it to interest lists which you can access through your Home page, and never miss an update. 🙂 Also, if you join my Tymber’s Trybe readers Group, you can get notifications from there as well. Between my Page and my readers Group, you should be able to get all the updates.

If Facebook isn’t your thing, please subscribe to my e-mail newsletter and you’ll never miss a new release!


Main Facebook Page for Tymber:  Tymber Dalton

Main Facebook Page for Lesli: Author Lesli Richardson

Facebook Group: Tymber’s Trybe

Series Pages:

Other Facebook Groups I Run:

Erotic Romance (For readers/authors, please read the About section before joining.)
Menage Books Promopalooza (For readers/authors.)
BDSM Books Promopalooza (For readers/authors.)
GLBTQ Books Promopalooza (For readers/authors.)
Post-Apocalyptic Books Promopalooza (For readers/authors.)
All Books Promopalooza (For readers/authors.)
Siren Authors and Readers Lounge (For readers/authors.)

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