Still hanging in there. (I’m not dead yet.)

I was discharged from the hospital late Monday. There…is a story. If you’re in my Facebook group you can watch the video. The short version is that the Bard is my adultier adult, codeine and I do NOT mix, and I really don’t ever want to have to repeat this experience. It’s a damned good … Read More

I’m in the hospital.

(I’m copying and posting a bunch of stuff here because this is the first time I’ve been able to open my laptop since Monday (3/25/24). Long story short, I’m in the hospital, pneumonia that went undiagnosed since January (likely due to a dental procedure I had back in January, because the cough first started 4 … Read More

Spouse health update.

Spouse health update.

Spouse’s gall bladder was removed on Friday, and while she didn’t react well to the anesthesia, they discharged her late Saturday and she’s on the mend. Which Princess Kiwi was also glad of, because her stomach was an absolute mess with the massive disruption to her schedule, so she used products like Exhale’s Delta-8 that … Read More