Frankensteining my fibro: Update 9/20/2015

While I’m awaiting my next visit with my cardiologist to get the results of my stress test and echocardiogram, I need to post an updated supplement post. (Oh, heh, yeah, funny story. I’m showing signs now that might be POTS – postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome – stuff that I’ve felt all my life and even … Read More

Frankensteining my fibromyalgia.

Apparently I’ve coined a phrase, according to some of my peers on a FetLife group I’m on for kinksters with fibromyalgia. LOL I mentioned in a discussion about the various vitamins and supplements I’m tweaking and using to manage the symptoms of my fibromyalgia that I was “Frankensteining” my fibro. I guess that was a … Read More

Slowing and steady (although chomping at the bit).

So I’ve done something that I think has even startled the heck out of my hubby: slowed down. Being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, being put on Cymbalta, what really is some serious medication for it (when you’re taking a medicine they strongly recommend you don’t quit cold turkey, you know it’s serious), and doing a lot … Read More