Welcome to the apupcalypse.

Apparently all my current work on my Drunk Monkeys series has Gidget a little nervous. She’s picked out her shotgun shells for the coming apupcalypse and is getting herself ready. Because, ya know, every apupcalypse requires a box (or five) of shotgun shells and your trusty sock monkey dog bed… But then… I awoke this … Read More

Pet Alert: FDA issues warning about toxic dog treats.

If you buy jerky or other treats for your pets, be VERY careful about where they’re made. The FDA has issued another warning for Chinese-sourced pet treats. Over 1,000 dogs reported dead, and thousands of others sickened. Look, if you don’t know what to feed your dog, give them carrot slices. Other options? Apple, oranges, … Read More

Day 6: They’ve contracted outside help…

Day 6 of Hubby in Snowhio: Apparently the maow-maows have contracted outside assistance. Since they can’t deprive me of caffeine or food, they’re attempting to drive me crazy(ier) with a damn bird beating against the window. It’s a juvenile blue jay or something. It keeps attacking its reflection in the top part of the living … Read More

Day 5: They’ve changed tactics…

Day 5 of Hubby in Snowhio: Despite the maow-maows best attempts yesterday, I had coffee this morning in the new coffeemaker. Overnight, however, they did gravity-check a bag of peaches I had on the counter. Asshats. I believe now they’re trying to starve me since their attempts yesterday to sabotage the coffeemaker came to naught. … Read More

Day 4: I’m surrounded and outnumbered and the escalation has commenced…

Hubby left for Snowhio early Tuesday morning for 8 days, to visit his mom and other family. So today is Day 4. I’m at home with the furbabies, meaning it’s their semi-annual attempt to take me out of the equation while he’s out of town. Day 1: One Hubby safely in Snowhio. I think the … Read More

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