Saturday Snicker – Husky Tantrum

Here’s your laugh for the day. (Click here if you can’t see the video.) Enjoy! 🙂 Tymber’s Latest A Lovely Shade of Ouch | Crafty Bastards A Merry Little Kinkmas | Sapiosexual A Lovely Shade of Ouch on Kindle Tymber’s Hubby is an author, too!

Grimmy the bondage model.

If you haven’t read my book Crafty Bastards yet, these pictures won’t make any sense to you. If you have…well, apologies if you were drinking something while reading and you have now laughed/spewed all over your computer. Grimmy is the inspiration for Baxter, Cali’s cat in that book. No pussies were harmed in the taking … Read More

Gidget’s adding a hobby.

Gidget is not only wanting to be a Wurld Dominashun Dawg, she wants to be a Domme. One of my latest gigs is I’m volunteering at the local BDSM club. The new owners are dear friends of mine, so I’m their web wench, social media sadist, and office geek. LOL So yesterday I had to … Read More

Indiana Bones – Raiders of the Lost Bark

I’m sorry, but if you don’t at least smile over this, you either hate animals or have no soul. LOL And their website is at:

Merry Christmas From Princess Gidget (& the House Guest)

Merry Christmas from Princess Gidget and “de spotted wat,” Tequila.  

Dogs vs. Cats: The Wake-up.

When you’re feeling like crap and trying to wake up, it is once again a stark reminder about the differences between dogs and cats. Dogs will be your buddy and try to wake you up gently. Gidget this morning cuddled next to me, checking on me, making sure I’m alive and breathing and amongst the … Read More

Monday Morning funny.

Yes, it’s Monday. Again. Dammit. Here’s a funny on what it’s like to work with cats. Enjoy! (Click here if the video doesn’t show up for you.) Tymber’s Latest Releases: His Canvas | Geek Chic | Flying Monkeys Tymber’s Hubby has a book!

Howl-oween Smiles

Seriously, if this video doesn’t make you at least smile, then I don’t know what do to for ya. Enjoy, and Happy Howl-oween! (Click here if the video doesn’t show.) Latest Releases: Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2) Flying Monkeys (Drunk Monkeys 6) Dancing on a Tightrope (Hubby’s book)

Blessed Samhain and Happy Howl-oween from Gidget!

Blessed Samhain, peeps, and Happy Howl-oween from Gidget and Crew! Gidget sez: U kan hep keep me and de maow-maows (and Sheldon) in kibbul and kostumz by gettin Mommy’s books! (And Daddy haz 1 too.) Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2) Flying Monkeys (Drunk Monkeys 6) Dancing on a Tightrope

This is my rock…

I made a Lowes run yesterday to get stuff to make a top for Sheldon’s tub because Grimmy keeps stealing his greens from his bowl. I also bought him a new basking rock, which he adores. He won’t stay off it. LOL

Cats and Dogs: Ball pit edition

There are fundamental differences in cats and dogs–having both, I love them both–and nowhere is this more evident than when you make the comparison about how they approach life. My evidence: Exhibit A: Young husky (with a cone of shame, I might add) in a ball pit. Exhibit B: Pug in a ball pit. … Read More

It’s hard work being a Grimmy.

It’s hard work being a Grimmy kitty. LOL Happy Friday, peeps! 🙂

Welcome, Gidget’s Minion, Sheldon (Or…How we came to own a Russian tortoise.)

We have a few rules around our house. Well, okay, not rules, exactly, but things that make life in general run more smoothly. One of those is I usually should not be allowed to go, unescorted, to places like the grocery store, mass-market pet store, Office Depot, Staples, Target, mass-market pet store, any bookstore, JoAnn’s, … Read More

Texts from Gidget 1

This is what we have to put up with. Don’t let her cute looks fool you.

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