Fearmongers strike again: There IS NO UN Treaty end-running the Second Amendment.

(Warning: my ranty pants are on.) Well, the nutjobs are at it again. There’s an article making the rounds on Facebook scaring people into thinking there’s a UN treaty that’s an end-run around the 2nd Amendment. Click here to read the wrongage. Had the “journalists” on said website done a quick check, they would have … Read More

Dear Traditional Publishers: It’s literally the nose on your face.

I’m sick and tired. SICK…and…TIRED. People bitching about Amazon (aka the ‘Zon) and their market share. Trad-pubs fighting tooth and nail to keep an archaic and unsustainable business model artifically afloat despite it not being profitable. There’s a REALLY easy fix here, folks: BUILD A BETTER GODDAMNED BUGGY WHIP. MAKE THE NEW WIDGET. This is … Read More

Well, some people just refuse to hear the truth.

A follow-up from my blog post yesterday where I took on yet another radical feminist who insists that all BDSM is abuse, regardless of consent or not. Apparently, the blogger doesn’t like hearing the truth, that the examples they used in their blog were completely unrealistic and unrepresentative of the majority of people who practice … Read More

Yet another one where I take on radical feminists’ views about BDSM.

Oh, look. Someone on the Interwebz is having a butthurt cow about consensual BDSM practices. It’s an older article, but one I was only pointed toward just today. *sigh* http://liberationcollective.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/bdsm-is-violence-against-women Here’s my response to them, because I seriously doubt they’ll let my comment stand, because, idunno, LOGIC HURTZ. *Grrrr.*

Consensual non-consent, rape play, and stay the hell out of my bedroom.

Cara Sutra has THE best blog I’ve ever read about summarizing CNC (consensual non-consent play, AKA rape play) in BDSM. DEFINITELY a must-read. You can take my rape fantasy when you non-consensually prise it from my kink dependent mind. The point being many of us in BDSM ENJOY this kind of play. Speaking to the … Read More

o_O Uh, say what?

Apparently, there is growing (and well-deserved) outrage over a man who appears to have been a fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s public memorial. Wow. Just…wow. The reports state the man is also receiving treatment for schizophrenia. If he’s mentally ill…well, okay, that doesn’t excuse what he did, but it begs the question…