Review for “A Turn of the Screwed” (Suncoast Society)

Received a great 5-star and Purest Delight-ranked review from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews for A Turn of the Screwed (Suncoast Society 19, MMF, BDSM). I went through every single emotion reading A Turn of the Screwed. I was depressed, I was sad, I was enthralled, I was enraged then I was finally happy. It takes a … Read More

New review for “Triple Cross” (Triple Trouble 7)

Nice thing to wake up to on a Monday, a 4-star review for Triple Cross (Triple Trouble 7)! 🙂 Ms. Dalton doesn’t disappoint in this book. The plot moves forward. Several open threads from previous stories are brought to closure in this one. Both main and secondary characters are continuously developed and woven into a … Read More

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