Scary New World: The ever-changing face of publishing.

Nook is discontinuing sales in the UK. Greeeaat. One more way for “the ‘Zon” to dominate indie- and self-publishing. Samhain Publishing announced last week they’re shutting down. Fuck. Take a deep breath. (And a Xanax, if you have ’em.) The good news: It’s easier than ever for a writer to get published. The bad news: … Read More

Kindle Unlimited – A great idea, but…

When Kindle Unlimited was unveiled, it initially looked like a great idea. But now, several months later, it’s clearly not the boon many self-published writers initially thought it would be. Nor is it a reader’s paradise. It didn’t take long for scammers to figure out how to game the system with extremely short books, where … Read More

Heads-up, self-pubbed smut writers: Amazon’s deleting content again.

Yes, Amazon is a business, and as such is perfectly within their rights to delete content. Again, it goes to HOW they’re deciding to delete such content, without giving prior notice or without clarifying their “acceptable content” rules, that really sucks. (Again, please don’t scream censorship. They’re a company and can do what they want. … Read More