GDPR, because being a writer now isn’t hard ENOUGH…

GDPR, because being a writer now isn’t hard ENOUGH…

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Hello, Karma. (JK Publishing) #WriterBeware

Hello, Karma. (JK Publishing) #WriterBeware

Oh, I love the smell of Karma in the morning. The publisher who was actually the focus of my Bad Publishing Contract Deconstructed series a couple of years ago was JK Publishing. I was hedging around at the time, trying to protect friends who’d sent me contracts. Now it’s a matter of public record. Sometimes Karma … Read More

Authors: Stop it with the cliffhanger shite already. Seriously. Just…stop.

Okay, I think the blog post title says it all. I GET it. When KU first rolled out back in 2014, some of y’all immediately saw an opportunity to make a little extra change. Take a big book and break it down into smaller chunks so you got more money. Unfortunately, that got out of … Read More

Write Your Ass Off: Historically based non-con romance? DO. NOT. WRITE. IT.

Shocker (not) I have another rant today, about writers who try to sexeh up horrific historical events all in the name of “free speech.” (Spoiler Alert: They’re doucheballs.)

#notchilled Ellora’s Cave vs Dear Author lawsuit update (10/14/2015)

Over on the Write Your Ass Off blog I’ve posted the latest update (and my latest rant). New filings in the case by DA, and there’s a jaw-dropper of a footnote on one of the pages that you DEFINITELY will want to read about if you’re following the case.

Writer Beware: Ellora’s Cave versus Dear Author lawsuit update 9/16/2015

I’ve posted another update on the lawsuit between Ellora’s Cave and Dear Author over on my blog:

Copyright Infringement – It’s not just about the text.

Photographer Jon Paul Ferrara posted today on Facebook about finding some of his artwork illegally used as covers on e-books available on Amazon. It has been brought to my attention Amazon is republishing my artwork on e-books being sold throughout the world on their web-sites without my consent in at least 12-14 countries that I … Read More

Breaking News: Shocker (not) the Ellora’s Cave site is down.

Since yesterday (6/30/2015) the Ellora’s Cave site as been “under construction.” According to a post on their Facebook page, there’s a new site coming. One has to wonder why they didn’t sandbox the new site and just swap it out with the old one once it’s done? That would, after all, be a best practice. … Read More

Amazon KU and KOLL payment structure changing.

EDIT: I wrote to Amazon and actually talked to a representative on the phone to get these issues clarified. That blog post is HERE. From the “see, I told you so” files… Amazon has announced that they’re changing the payment structure for books exclusively enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the books that are eligible … Read More

Writer Beware: *sigh* Badly Behaving Authors – WTF edition.

Gather around close, kiddies. It’s time for Auntie Tymber to tell you another scary tale of *DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN* Badly Behaving Authors! … Read More

Still More Ellora’s Cave vs. Dear Author WTFery.

I should have waited to post my last update. Since then, there was a filing that Courtney Milan (as per usual) did a great job of parsing into plain English. Then, there was this article. Um, whut? I need a graphic…hold on.         No, still not quite right… Noo, not … Read More

Why editing and proofreading matters…

*sigh* From the “I just can’t make this shit up” file comes this nugget, on a blurb from a New York TRADITIONAL publisher.

Writer Beware: How NOT to behave toward readers and fellow writers.

Asshat author on the internet gets pissed off when readers call her out for agreeing with a commenter who said writers and readers of dark erotica should be “kidnapped and raped.” *dropping here* 3..2..1..Go.

Update on the Ellora’s Cave vs Dear Author lawsuit. #notchilled

Courtney Milan has posted a FANTABULOUS and amazeballs recap of the recent filings in the EC v DA case, including plain-English summations of evidentiary filings posted in the past couple of days. And, yeah, an Ebola footnote reference even. LOL (That can’t be coincidental LOL.)

Stalking is BAD. DUH.

The one where I apparently have to remind people why stalking a reviewer, regardless of whatever perceived “justification” there is, is farking WRONG.

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