What’s up in my world? Funny you should ask…

Are you ready to meet the Governor? Who is he?

Funny you should ask…

Those of you in my Tymber’s Trybe readers group already know most of this, but a few updates.

First of all, my bestie and PA, Trish, is giving away some free print copies of my books. You need to be a member of the Trybe to participate, though, so head on over there if you missed the announcement or want to join. (If joining, please answer the questions, because it’s how we weed out spammers. You don’t need to know the answer to question 3, feel free to admit you don’t in your answer, but again, it’s an anti-spam thing.)

Item the second…if you didn’t know, in addition to Shameless 2018 in October in Orlando, I’m going to be at the Wild Wicked Weekend in February, 2019, in San Antonio, and Shameless 2019 in Orlando. Woot! (The WWW url is a NEW one, so if you had their old site bookmarked, make sure to update your bookmarks.)

Thirdly…pre-orders!! 🙂

I’ve had a bunch of questions since I started posting all the links, so just to make it clear:

Yes, I am STILL writing as Tymber. I’m still working on Suncoast Society, Triple Trouble, and all those series. Nothing’s changing there, please don’t worry. But I’m also self-pubbing more books writing as Lesli Richardson.

But when I write, I write all over the place, and I’ve had some books in progress for…a while (some for literally years) and they’re now close to release. Close enough to the point they’re available for pre-order. They’re also books outside Siren’s niche, so I chose to self-pub them as Lesli Richardson. (Which is my real name.)

Now, the Amazon pre-order links will go live closer to the release date. Which might actually be sooner than what you see listed. Because if the final proofs are done sooner, I’ll kick them over to live sooner. But I don’t want to risk loading anything but the final file into Amazon for pre-orders. I’ve seen too many authors have problems with the wrong file being delivered, etc.

Hubby also has some upcoming releases that are available for pre-order.

Where can you find all that? On my shiny new Pre-Orders page! It lists both my pre-orders as well as Hubby’s. And you can also snag a peek at my Coming Soon page.

In addition to the pre-orders, I’m also working on uploading books we’ve currently self-pubbed to Apple via D2D. So…yes, those of you who’ve been asking for Apple…you’re getting it. 🙂

If you are waiting for the Amazon pre-orders, make sure you’re subscribed to my e-mail newsletter. As soon as I get them uploaded and they go live, I’ll post about it. (Make sure to reply to the confirmation e-mail; if it doesn’t show up, look in your spam/junk folder.)

Click here to subscribe to my newsletter.

So what are some of the books I’m self-pubbing? Well, those of you who read my Bleacke Shifters series will be happy to know Bleacke Spirit (book 4) is one of them. So are books 2 and 3 in my The Great Turning trilogy.

And…the Governor.

Just wait until you meet Carter the bastard extraordinaire. 🙂 And there will be another trilogy spin-off from the Governor trilogy, set in the same world but different characters.

Right now, Through With Love is available for pre-order and releases on 4/16/18. Remember Kent, Tim, and Paul from Indifference of Heaven?

Yeeeeeah, baby. 🙂

It’s been a really difficult, what, nearly year and a half, I’m not going to lie. In our current political environment, it’s hard to…art, especially to art hard. (To borrow some Chuck Wendig verbiage.) I’ve done little things for self-care as I can, like switching out all my computer desktop images from landscapes to Yuri!!! on Ice fan art and screenshots from episodes. It makes me smile and soothes my soul. I make sure to play music while I’m working that helps me focus on my work. I started playing Viking part-time.

You have practice at least a modicum of self-care in today’s world. Can’t draw water from an empty well, and all that. Doubly so for someone like me with chronic pain and health issues.

Part of my self-care is pecking away here and there at other WIPs like the ones I’m self-pubbing. They help give me a mental reset. They keep me from getting burned out and allow me to do what I do.

What else is coming soon? Check out my Coming Soon page. 🙂 And there’s even more I’m not ready to list yet, in some of the series y’all have been asking for updates on. But I’m slowly and surely pecking away at them.

So keep arting, keep self-caring, keep plugging away, peeps. Hubby and I truly appreciate your support and buying my books, because it’s how I support my family. This IS my evil day job and how we pay our bills. I’m not rich, and every book sold helps.


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When a hurricane takes Jessica’s home, gives her a new dog, and forces her return to Florida, she’s determined to focus on herself and definitely isn’t looking for a relationship after her cheating ex shredded her trust. Enter Tristan and Kyle, and the two hunky Doms soon work their way under her skin.

Tristan and Kyle were friends and roommates first, and run a rope group together, but the attraction between them finally boils over into more. Still, they’re possibly open to a third if they meet the right woman. That’s when Jessica drops into their lives.

When their kinky and vanilla lives merge in an unexpected way, outside forces at play threaten to destroy their happiness before they even have a chance to explore their new dynamic together. Between meddling exes and painful pasts, it all combines to create an emotionally explosive situation that might leave all three of their hearts shattered if they can’t find a solution together.

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What’s up in my world? Funny you should ask…