The “magic rain room” and creativity.

I get a lot of my ideas in the shower. A. Lot. Sometimes new ideas for stories, sometimes plot snags working themselves out. I have a dive tablet and waterproof notepad for taking notes when this happens. (And thanks to reader Karen for gifting me another one at Christmas!) I get so many ideas in … Read More

Beyond the Books L.A.B. May 22-24, 2015

(Formerly known as Writers Lab) WOOHOO! May 22-24, and registration is OPEN! If you’re looking to learn more about BDSM, this is the event to do it!

Write Your Ass Off: NaNoWriMo edition 1

Nope, not doing NaNo this year. Too busy, unfortunately. But I posted a list of some books I truly feel are must-haves for any writer’s library over on the Write Your Ass Off blog. I’ll put up a couple more lists over the next few days.

Newbie Author Tip 2

The second installment in my series of tips for newbie authors is up at the Write Your Ass Off blog. *rawr!* And have you checked out Hubby’s book yet? ๐Ÿ™‚ (Yes, I’m proud of him. LOL) Dancing on a Tightrope. Also, I’ve added some new info at the bottom of the Ellora’s Cave troubles … Read More

Interwebz outrage, writer DNA, and what does it matter?

The one where I postย a Monday blant (blog+rant) over on the Write Your Ass Off blog about…well, just read it if you want. LOL Interwebz outrage, writer DNA, and what does it matter?  

My Writing Process

I was tagged by the talented Trinity Blacio, and I thought it would be fun to participate, so here goes. 1) What am I working on? Right now, edits for Triple Cross (Triple Trouble 8) and edits for Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2). Not sure what the next WIP will be yet, if it’ll be … Read More

Pop Quiz: Contracts

Pop Quiz: Which of these are HUGE red flags in a publishing contract? a) Charging for editing. b) “Life of copyright” contract length terms. c) Asking for rights other than ebook and print formats. d) “Net” not clearly specified. e) Taking ownership of copyright for length of contract. f) Nebulous “editing” clauses that allow the … Read More

Pick a color, any color…

Writers should never be allowed to run unsupervised through an office supply store. Um, well, this writer should never be allowed to run unsupervised through an office supply store. (Or a home improvement store, but that’s another blog post.) Hubby and I went out to brunch this morning before going on some errands. Had to … Read More

WARNING: Authors, blurbs can kill…your sales!

I offer this blog post up as a cautionary tale to authors. Especially to self-published authors who don’t have a publisher to tell them, “Um, NO, this is NOT a good idea.” I had to unfriend a fellow author on Facebook tonight. The reason? They were posting in multiple groups a blurb for their book. … Read More

Write Your Ass Off: Don’t turn your Alphas into A$$holes.

The post where I rant about “Alpha” heroes who are really assholes, and how to avoid that pitfall in your writing: