A new Midnight Doms pre-order; recovering from moving.

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Those of you in my Facebook group are up-to-date on things, but for everyone else, Hubby and I just finished selling and emptying our old house. We’d held on to it a lot longer than we should have, thinking we’d do cosmetic repairs and upgrades to it when we finally put it on the market.

Then Covid-19 hit and fucked our plans (and the market). After a couple of months we talked it over with the realtor and said screw it, and we ended up going with one of those buy-your-home companies, and sold it as-is. Which saved us a fuckton of time, money, and energy. (Not to mention taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc etc etc.) Also means we didn’t make nearly what we’d hoped.

Also meant we then had to scramble to get the house completely emptied even faster than we’d anticipated. Which meant getting another storage unit. (We’re now up to THREE of the fucking things.) This house is much smaller, and doesn’t have a garage. It was easier to just pack and move everything than to go through the mental and emotional energy of sitting and sorting through twenty-three years of memories and possessions. Hell, I still have furniture and belongings of my grandparents’ here in THIS house. (This was their house and I inherited it.)

Thank goodness for wonderful friends, who helped us move the heavy stuff that was left. And yes, now with everything up here, we can finally sit down and sort through it all one box at a time and take our time. (We’re making progress.)

The upside is that we made enough money to cover the desperately needed full rewiring this house needed. (Good-bye knob and tube, and hellloooo Romex.) And we’re no longer stressed out physically, emotionally, and financially by a house we basically were using as storage.

The downside to that, however, is now we need to hurry up and empty a lot of stuff from THIS house (into previously mentioned three storage units) so the electricians have room to work in a couple of weeks.

Meaning that life is still in upheaval.

This, too, shall pass. (Maybe like a fucking kidney stone, but it’ll pass.)

And when all’s said and done, we’ll have a house that you don’t have to make sure a space heater or hair dryer isn’t running before you use the microwave.

I’m not kidding (I have a sticky note on it). Plus we’re getting an interlock circuit installed so we can hook a genny directly to the house if we lose power. Meaning we can power our well and not lose water if the power goes out.

It was very melancholy walking out of the old house for the last time. We raised our son there, and I can still hear the echoes of long-passed doggy feet on the flooring as they scrambled to greet someone. We survived Charley in this house, celebrated successes, mourned losses. We’d been talking about selling it for a while, and I just didn’t have the physical, mental, or emotional energy at the time to get ‘er done, because I knew it’d be…a lot. Fortunately, we’d started the initial moving process months ago with a rented trailer for a couple of weeks, packing things like books, the kitchen, all of that, stuff Hubby and I could get without assistance. We didn’t know how long it would take to sell, and we were prepared to sit on it for months and months, if necessary.

We’re doing a lot of decluttering now. (Temporarily stalled for a few days because my Element’s in the shop.) And once the rewiring’s done at the end of the month, I can get this house insulated. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s a 70-year-old house my grandfather literally built. I was pretty much raised here.) I know you’re supposed to only handle stuff once in the process, and let it go, but some things it was just easier to box it up and move it and then deal with it at our leisure.

Yes, I overdid things and triggered another painful fibro flare, but it can’t be helped. This is why I’ve been largely quiet on social media and still haven’t got Incisive uploaded yet. Dealing with all of this on top of having to deal with the new Covid reality with Hubby mostly unable to handle errands has been a lot. And he’s got to have another procedure in a couple of weeks. (Minor, but will put him out of commission for a few days and once again potentially exposes him to Covid at the doctor office.)

Oh, did I mention our governor here in Florida is a fucking asshole who refuses to mandate masks? So our Covid numbers are exploding.

Anyway. That’s where things are right now. I’m a real person with an imperfect life, and to the woman who was a royal bitch to me on Facebook because I’m not writing on her schedule: you can either go fuck yourself, or you can hike your little ass to Florida and take over doing everything needing doing in my real-world life so I can do nothing but write and edit.

All that rambling and grousing aside, I DO have good news–there’s a new addition to the Midnight Doms series. This one is by Tabitha Black, Her Vampire Addiction. And you can pre-order it now! If you do, you’ll get it for the discounted price. it’s releasing on August 14 on Amazon.

Her Vampire Addiction

(Midnight Doms 9)


I vowed never to love again…

For over 1500 years, I’ve mostly walked alone. A vampire, a monster in the dark.

Until she walks into my club: a ray of sunshine in the blackest night.

She’s blonde. Beautiful. Sassy. Submissive.

And 100% human.

I’m a predator, and she’s my perfect prey. I’ll have her tied up and quivering as I give her pain and pleasure like she’s never felt before.

But I’m not the only monster hunting her. And if I don’t take her – claim her – I’ll lose her forever…

Pre-order Her Vampire Addiction by Tabitha Black now!


Did you miss my first contribution to the series as Lesli Richardson? (Yes, I’ll be writing more in that series.)

Her Vampire Obsession

(Midnight Doms 7)


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I’ve lived a long time. Some might say too long. I honestly don’t know what drew me to Lucius’ club in Tucson, of all hellish destinations, but dark and self-destructive thoughts have increasingly beckoned to me, as of late.

Then I meet her.

She challenges me from the very start and awakens something I’d thought long dead and cold inside my soul. Even her name should burn my lips, yet I can’t let her go.

But when pieces of the past catch up with us, will I be able to keep her safe?


I’ve spent most of my life running, but that bastard had my number from almost the second our eyes meet. He’s the first of his kind to break through my defenses when I thought I was safe here, of all places.

He’s done worse than steal my heart—he’s given me hope.

Now what the hell do I do?

Especially when it looks like my past is catching up with us.

This time, I might have run out of options.


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A new Midnight Doms pre-order; recovering from moving.
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  • August 11, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    Yikes. You have had a rather full plate. Hope it’s all going well and yes, I agree with you. Your Governor is a lunatic who is so far up Trumps ass it’s a wonder he can breathe.
    Please stay safe and as far as Hubby’s upcoming procedure, you can call the hospital or dr’s office, depending on where he’s having it and ask them what their safety precautions are. (RN here).

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