Suncoast Society – 8

Essie returns home after sixteen years to help her mom clean out her hoarded house. But can Essie clear out the clutter in her heart?

(Contemporary romance, BDSM, MFMM, HEA)

Writing As: Tymber Dalton

Release Date: 5/30/2014

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s-td-ss-acleansweep3Talk about a hot mess…

Essline Barrone left Sarasota after graduating high school and never looked back. Sixteen years later, her neatly organized world in Spokane grinds to a halt when her mom drops the bomb that Essie’s father has died.

And their hoarded house is at risk of condemnation.

Mark Collins carries a torch for Essie from their brief high school romance. Now she’s returned, and it’s up to Mark and his brothers to help her save her mom’s house while TV cameras film the whole thing. But Mark, Josh, and Ted have a secret—they’re looking for a strong-willed submissive to share their bed and their lives.

Essie feels torn between a tidy, self-sufficient existence, and the three brothers who insist she’s perfect for them. Can Essie declutter in her heart and spare room for the three hunks who want nothing more than to help her make a clean sweep of her emotional baggage in exchange for a new life together?

Notes: There are quite a few “Easter eggs” in this book for readers who’ve read some of my other series. LOL Purson Gibraltar can be found in my Good Will Ghost Hunting and Triple Trouble series.

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