Suncoast Society – 49

Brita’s split-second decision changes her life—and ends another. Can Ethan’s love help her make sense of it and reclaim her peace of mind?

(Contemporary BDSM romance, MF, wounded heroine, law enforcement, romantic suspense, HEA)

Writing As: Tymber Dalton
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand

Release Date: 04/17/2017

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Brita was a cop, until an on-duty injury while protecting a child forced her retirement. Now her days are spent teaching firearms classes, shooting skeet, and doting on her young niece, Jordan. She knows her relationship with Ethan is for life, it’s just a matter of forcing her brain to label it.

The moment Brita got shot is forever seared in Ethan’s memory. She’s the woman he loves, but he’s no dumb Dom. He’s patiently awaiting the day she can finally accept he’s not going anywhere.

Then, an incident during a school outing, where Brita makes a split-second call to protect Jordan and her classmates, changes life forever. Legally and morally, Brita made the right decision. Unfortunately, the man’s rabid fans paint a bulls-eye on Brita via Jordan. When Brita disappears in hope of protecting her family—and her and Ethan’s secret lifestyle—he knows he has to find her. First, he has to catch the bastards stalking her.

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Pretzel Logic
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 2 reviews
 by Lauren A.
Pretzel Logic

This was a great contemporary romance with plenty of real suspense.

 by Pam S.

Pretzel Logic is the story of Brita & Ethan. Brita's a 42-year-old former police detective for Sarasota County, forced into retirement due to a disability after she saved a child during a domestic abuse call. Even though she's "recovered," Brita has severe pain on a daily basis & can no longer hold a full-time job. She's a licensed firearms instructor & able to work part-time at a local gun shop but that doesn't keep her mind occupied. And her mind is her worst enemy. She can't shut it down. She's taken up skeet shooting with Sachi, a sarcastic New Age Tarot card reader & part-time paranormal investigator with other "woo-woo" powers (as Brita puts it). Brita doesn't care about Sachi's day job. All she cares about is Sachi's expertise with a skeet gun & her incredible teaching talent. To Brita, skeet is another way to occupy her mind. Ethan is an active-duty Sarasota County detective who's been involved with Brita since four years before her retirement. He was with her that day that changed her life forever. He's with her still, now four years since that devastating injury. He loves her. But Brita isn't the type to trust easily. Add the fact that her mind never shuts off, she doesn't want to label their relationship (even after eight years together) & her chronic pain that often interferes with almost everything. Ethan wants a relationship with her. But will she ever be ready for that kind of commitment? Recently Ethan & Brita have met members of & joined the Suncoast Society munch group. Ethan is definitely interested in learning more about the BDSM lifestyle. If Brita is honest, so is she. But her disability & inability to connect well with others holds her back. Ethan is patient, not pushing too hard & letting Brita set the pace. As they begin to build their own unique dynamic, things seem to be looking up for the couple. Neither Ethan, who already has a stepson from his prior marriage, nor Brita, want children of their own. But Brita adores her niece, Jordan, an 8-year-old who sparkles with energy and loves her AuntieBee with her whole heart. Jordan's very high-end private school schedules an outing to Mote Marine, a premiere & famous aquarium/research laboratory in Sarasota. But, at the last minute, neither Jordan's mom or dad are able to chaperone. They call Brita for help. Of course, Brita is thrilled to spend time with her niece & agrees to chaperone. But, things take a dark turn at the field trip & Brita's & Ethan's lives are upended. Not only is there real danger to Jordan & her classmates but the repercussions of the events continue to affect Brita, Ethan, Jordan & their entire family. Will Brita be able to handle the fallout & aftermath of the class outing? How will the aftereffects change Brita's & Ethan's relationship? Can the perpetrators of the threats to Brita, Ethan, Jordan & their entire family & circle of friends be caught & stopped? The action is nonstop & will leave you guessing right up to the end. The characters in Pretzel Logic are so real & well-crafted you'll feel as if you're experiencing the events alongside them. The emotions are overpowering. I both cried & felt overwhelming joy & happiness. While the BDSM aspects of the book are spot on, what makes the book so excellent isn't just the truthfulness & accuracy of the BDSM. It's the genuineness of the relationships & emotions expressed. When you're reading Pretzel Logic, you're immersed in the lives of the characters: their emotions, relationships, every aspect of their world. It's rare for an author to find the perfect balance between character development, relationship dynamics, & accuracy in every detail but Tymber Dalton does it. Once again, she has done it perfectly in this book. If you enjoy engaging & captivating romance with BDSM elements, I highly recommend Pretzel Logic. Believe me, you won't be sorry you read it! I give it my highest rating without reservation! Thanks for reading my review & happy reading!

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