*grumble* 7/22/2018 – Various updates, Facebook’s an *ssh*le, yadda-yadda.

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So I got whacked with a stint in Facebook jail until next week, so I’m unable to post to groups. All because of a link I posted IN MY OWN READERS GROUP to a site that Fb apparently doesn’t like. It was to a site that sells a real  toy that is used in Come in From the Cold. (Yes, THAT toy.) It was an auto-flag by Fb, not a reported link by someone else. I’ve hit the appeal link a few times and nothing.

Apparently, Fb doesn’t like gay stuff. Not that this is a shocker to anyone paying attention. Had there been naked female boobies, I’m sure it would’ve been totes okay. (Unless she was breastfeeding, because Goddess forbid we show THAT…)

(Could you tell my sarcasm font was engaged there? Because it was.)


That’s why I’m kind of quiet for right now on there.

How can you help? Well, if you are the book-primping type of person (and I understand not everyone is or can, and that’s fine, too!) I’d appreciate it if you could go to my Tymber Dalton Fb page and share some of my book promo posts in appropriate book-related groups or on your own timeline/pages: http://www.facebook.com/tymberdalton

Especially for Come in From the Cold, A Crafty Ever After, A Spanktacular Fourth, For the Roses, and Blue Motel Room.

But this is also another reason why I harp on authors NEEDING their own website. I have an e-mail list and a website, and I can still get the word out about my books on those. If I didn’t have them, I’d totally be SOL. Also, for example, like Siren-BookStrand taking their alert emails function offline for now during their site upgrades. If I didn’t have my newsletter or this website, I’d have no way to alert you to new pre-orders and releases. (Also a great reason for you to subscribe if you don’t want to miss any news!)

I promise I will NEVER engage in any newsletter swap bullshit and share my list with other authors. Period. Click here to subscribe. (Make sure to respond to the confirmation email or your subscription won’t be complete.)

Also, if you feel like it (and it would be greatly appreciated if you do) you can share a link to one of my newsletter subscription “landing pages” for others to sign up: https://mailchi.mp/d2f7256f618b/tdlr-subscribe

Right now, I’ve got several books available for pre-order, including Things to Do in Denver (as Tymber Dalton). It’s a Tony & Shayla book, and overlaps events from A Spanktacular Fourth and A Crafty Ever After. (It also explains why Tony lost his shit that night in the club.)

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You can check out my other pre-orders, writing as Lesli Richardson, on my Pre-Orders page. (Bleacke Spirit, the Governor Trilogy, and more.)

What did you think of Come in From the Cold? I would greatly appreciate reviews for it, if you write reviews. (Even a few lines about what it made you feel would be greatly appreciated.)

For the Roses and A Spanktacular Fourth are now available on Kindle and other third-party sites.

Through With Love is now available in print.

Thank you all for buying and reading my books — I appreciate it! This is how I pay my bills, so…I REALLY thank you!

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*grumble* 7/22/2018 – Various updates, Facebook’s an *ssh*le, yadda-yadda.
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2 thoughts on “*grumble* 7/22/2018 – Various updates, Facebook’s an *ssh*le, yadda-yadda.

  • July 24, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    What’s with BN? They have Through With Love and For The Roses, but no Judgment of the Moon and Stars…. I like to read them in order…

    • July 26, 2018 at 11:37 am

      I know, I’m sorry about that. I’ll email Siren again. They were looking into that.

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