Quickie update because #DeadlineHell – Kindle, audiobooks, pre-orders, Nook fuckery

Quickie update because #DeadlineHell – Kindle, audiobooks, pre-orders, Nook fuckery

I literally am in deadline hell right now. Seriously. Not even metaphorically. On top of a bad fibro flare right now…let’s just say it’s a good thing my job doesn’t require pants. Let’s start with the Nook fuckery. I opened Facebook yesterday morning to PMs asking if I could still see my Siren-BookStrand e-books on … Read More


Other than some stray links, the website migration is complete. Please subscribe to the Feedburner subscription (don’t forget to look for the confirmation email they send you or it won’t get activated) if you’d like to receive updates when I post new content to the website. Or, if you’re a WordPress user, I have a … Read More

Coming Soon: Triple Trouble 6, and other stuff.

So spent a crazy week last week with the Thanksgiving holiday making my deadline on Saturday. But, I did it. Triple Trouble 6 (tentatively titled “A Wolf in the Fold” as long as the publisher doesn’t ask for a new title) is submitted to Siren. Yay! You know, there are three kinds of books. There … Read More

Latest Updates…

Wow, it’s been a crazy few weeks around Chez Dalton. Good crazy, but still crazy. (Eh, crazier.) I moved my entire backlist of previously released books over to Siren-BookStrand once the contracts expired and the rights were returned to me, and we’ve been in an edit/release cycle. Add to that I’ve been playing catch-up like … Read More

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