#PeepPimpage #WhatAmIReading – 11/3/2017

Haven’t done one of these in a while. First of all, standard disclaimer that I use affiliate links, because it makes me a few extra pennies and doesn’t cost you a cent.

Bestie Ravenna Tate has a new series out, her Demons on Wheels MC series. It’s AMAZING! The latest one, Mastema’s Obsession, just released.

  1. Tannin’s Thunderbolt
  2. Gorgon’s Vengeance
  3. Mastema’s Obsession

Also, if you haven’t read Patchwhore by Kim Jones, holy smokes, are you missing out on one fun ride! If you loved Wallbanger, you’ll love this one. If you don’t usually like MC books, you’ll love this one–it’s funny, has heart, there’s no crime or violence, and NO cheating. (There is a hook, though, but keep reading. I don’t want to spoil it for you.) CLICK HERE.

The latest installment of Carrie Ann Ryan’s Montgomery Ink series, Inked Memories (book 8) is now available. CLICK HERE.

Sam Crescent has had a couple of new releases:

Jenika Snow has a new one: A Real Man: Limited Edition

And Kindle Alexander has a new release: Reservations


Ann Mayburn’s book Ivan’s Captive Submissive (Submissive’s Wish book 1) is currently free!

Enjoy, and happy reading!


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#PeepPimpage #WhatAmIReading – 11/3/2017