–swear warning, like that’s really shocking LOL–

So, fuck MY plans for this month.

There was a sci-fi con I REEEEEEALLLLY wanted to go to this weekend in town and, well, adulting is the STUPIDEST thing I ever did in my fucking life. Can I just say that? I had come into the month AHEAD in terms of word count and projects, etc. Because since I have no life for the most part, I wanted this ONE FUCKING CON so I could see two of my FAVORITE actors.

That’s all.

One. Fucking. Con.


Oooooh, fucking THEN…

That goddamned bitch, Hurricane Irma, showed up and FUCK MY LIFE.

So literally lost nearly two whole weeks of work time, between serious, hard-core prepping and evacuating* from 9/5 from when we finally were able to get back home on 9/15, followed by days of trying to get unpacked (spoiler alert–we still aren’t unpacked, and still have a LOT of shit we moved into our storage unit to protect it from rain because we honestly thought we were going to lose the house that we haven’t moved back yet) and clearing a downed tree and other debris from our property, by then it was 9/18, and I was REALLY fucking behind.

And THEN… Let the frantic scramble begin, because not only did I have to write, but edits, too. My comfortable cushion I’d built up (I was going to write a Suncoast Society book AND finish LSFT5&6) vanished in Irma’s winds. I had several sets of edits due back to Siren in that timeframe, too. (Which, they were AMAZEBALLS, btw, can I just say that, they gave me an edit extension that wouldn’t delay my release dates.)

See, I’m in a constant write/edit/write/edit cycle with Siren. Because over the years, they’ve learned I’m pretty damn responsible about meeting tight deadlines, so the bonus to that is they’ve got me in a REALLY tight, fast release date schedule, which means I can get books to YOU pretty quickly after I’ve submitted them to Siren. Win-win. You get books fast, I get paid faster.

(Which, I gotta say, I need the money, because I’m no Stephen King, and I have bills to pay, too.)


That bitch, Irma, was damned determined to fuck up my dance card for the month of September.

(–sings– Tryyyyyyy to reeememmmber that bitch in Septemmmmber, when wiiiinds did booooow, and deadline scramble fooollloooowed…**)

Yes, I know we’re lucky she didn’t leave us homeless, or leave my parents homeless, or do serious structural damage to our home or theirs. We were DAMNED lucky, and I’d rather go through a hundred near-misses like we did, evacuation and all, than have one bad-ass mofo wipe out my home. I get it, trust me. Don’t think I’m being flippant or dismissive of people who did lose everything, because I’m not. Not at all. Not my first storm, and yes, gratitude was the first thing I thought of Monday morning when the storm was gone and all we’d lost was a damn tree I’d wanted gone anyway.


John Barrowman and Alex Kingston!


–throws head on desk and weeps–

And this is where friends are soooo fucking cool. Because one of my oldest and dearest friends of thirty years is at the con this weekend and got me an autographed pic of Alex Kingston.

–dies!– (FYI I love you, Matt!)

But…on to my news.

Never Too Late for Love (Suncoast Society 60, MMMF, BDSM) is now available for pre-order!


Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites by my publisher after their initial release on the Siren-BookStrand site. I have no control over that. If you have a Kindle, you can order directly from Siren-BookStrand and have the file sent right to your device/app. If you have another kind of device, or read on a tablet, you can buy other format files from Siren-BookStrand and either download them or transfer them to your device. Nook | Kobo | iPad | BookStrand App via iTunes or Google Play for Android (Includes FREE books!)


Bob never dreamed he’d have a chance with Tilly once Landry entered her life. Now he’s faced with the chance of forever with not only Tilly, but Cris and Landry, too. He’s never wanted anything more, and will do anything to convince them he means it.

Cris always knew Landry was sneaky, but this takes the cake. He enjoys watching the metaphorical chess game between Landry and Tilly. Meanwhile, he’s determined to forge his own bonds with Bob.

Tilly knows Landry is an ethical sadist, but still isn’t sure why he’s so okay with adding Bob to their family. She can play the game as well as the sneaky sadist can. As Landry works to convince her this new world order won’t destroy their carefully balanced dynamic, she knows they have to get things right or risk not only their hearts being broken, but their daughter’s, too. Is this really perfection? Or is heartache hiding just out of sight?

Related Books: Cardinal’s Rule, ClickImpactHappy Valenkink’s Day. Bob’s story is told in Borderline.

Also, Reconsider Me (Suncoast Society 59, MM, BDSM) is releasing this Monday, 10/2/2017, and you can pre-order it now, too!



Fenton had a bad experience in college. It left him with one hard limit he’ll never budge on, the same hard limit that’s tanked every relationship he’s had, and resulted in his trust being repeatedly shattered. When he meets Joel courtesy of matchmaking friends, he senses something different in the Top and wonders if he’s the real deal. Especially when Joel receives the Snoobug seal of approval from Fen’s young niece.

Joel’s first impression of the fricking adorable side is that he’ll break if Joel so much as looks at him wrong, much less plays with him. Fen’s limit isn’t a problem for Joel, because the Sephora-loving, Broadway-musical-singing, essential-oil-diffusing subby slid right past all of Joel’s emotional defenses like no other. And looks can be deceiving—Fen is much tougher than people assume.

After a family tragedy, when Joel’s past returns to strike where he’s most vulnerable, can Fen step up, swing hard, and save them with his cast-iron will?

I have a list of the Suncoast Society series reading order and other trivia on my series page on my website. Check it out!


I promised you Love Slave for Two news…

For everyone who’s been asking for more of those stories (and when I’ll be writing something other than Suncoast Society) I’ve just submitted Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5) and Love Slave for Two: Retribution (Book 6) to Siren. I’ll update the book pages once I have a release date. Likely sometime in late November/early-mid December.

You will have needed to read the first five books (prequel – book 4) before you read these. In fact, you might want to start that series re-read now and get ready.

There’s also a box set that has the first five books in it for one great price, rather than buy them all separately.

Why do I write soooo many Suncoast Society books? Honestly? Those characters will NOT shut the hell up! Not that I want them to shut up, either, but here’s the thing–I am a pantster. I write the loudest characters first.

Have y’all ever dealt with a Dom in real life? Well, in my head they’re just as forceful. LOL I do NOT dictate what I write when–the voices in my HEAD dictate it. Seriously, they do.

I do have the Space Confederation characters chattering at me now. I’m working on their next book, too. I’m also working on Good Will Ghost Hunting and Triple Trouble books. No, I don’t have a timeframe. Unlike some writers, I literally have dozens of projects going at once. That way, writers block is not a “thing” I deal with. One story locks up? I immediately move to another project, the second-loudest. That’s in between edit rounds, too. Yes, still shuffling around edits for The Great Turning two and three, and for Bleacke Spirit. No, I don’t have a timeframe. Because those are self-pubbed, I have to pay for edit rounds (Siren provides my editing for free, which is why they get a cut of my royalties, it’s the trade-off of having a publisher). I know it’s not fast enough for some readers, and I’m sorry, but I’m not a machine. I go as hard and fast as I can, and life gets in the way.

Soooo… that’s my news.

I am frequently asked about where people “should” buy my books from. Honestly? As long as you LEGALLY obtain them, buy from wherever is your preference. If you do buy my Siren books directly from their site, you don’t have to wait for the embargo period to end and the books to go to third-party sites. (See the above links in this post for links to their site on how to do that.) If you have a Kindle, you can even whitelist their address in your Kindle account to have the Kindle version sent to you upon release. And if you buy directly from Siren, I do get a slightly higher royalty percentage. (Because they don’t have to share a cut of the royalties with a third-party middleman like Amazon or B&N.

CAUTION: There are now scam sites “selling” books, and people think oh, it’s legal because they’re selling it. NO. Unless it’s listed on my site, it’s NOT a legal site, and YOU are getting scammed, I’M not getting paid, and the scammers now have your credit card and personal info.

Oh, and for the majority of my readers (and I know you’re the majority), you fantabulous, wonderful people who LEGALLY BUY my books?


How do you know what’s a legal site? Funny you should ask!

I have a spreadsheet of clickable buy links with all my books listed under all my pen names (and Hubby’s), at all the various third-party vendors and in all the formats. Including print and audiobooks. Or, you can come here to my site, search the book you want, and click the direct buy link here on my site, on the book’s page. (Every book I have has its own page here with buy links.)


If you don’t purchase an e-book or audiobook from one of those links (unless I personally sent you an Instafreebie ARC link, or you obtained it through Siren’s reader app) then it’s an ILLEGAL COPY. (Note: That’s for e-books and audiobooks. Print books are frequently sold by third-party vendors, but they’re ordered directly from the POD printer Siren uses, and I get paid for those, so that’s different, because the PRINTER reports the sales to Siren regardless of the outlet they were sold through, but I list Amazon and B&N because those are the most commonly used.)

I don’t set the price of my Siren books–Siren does. This is my living, and I am INCREDIBLY grateful to all of you, my readers, who legally purchase my books. You allow me to work from home and support my family. Chronic pain is a fucking asshole, and honestly, if I had to go seek work outside the home, I’d probably have to file for disability, because I doubt I could physically do it.

For those few of you who keep hitting my site with inbound search terms like “read pdf free online?”

Fuck you, assholes.

There are plenty of LEGAL free books on Amazon, etc. I even wrote a damn post about it. Stop stealing authors’ books and pirating them. This is how I pay my fucking bills. How I buy the medication I need. How I feed my furbabies and keep the electricity turned on. I’m not sitting on my ass eating bonbons all day. I’m NOT rich. (Seriously, I drive a 2005 Honda Element with over 200k miles on it, tell me how I’m rich?)

You do NOT need books. I NEED my cardiac meds. My furbabies NEED food. I NEED electricity to run my house.

You do NOT NEED BOOKS. Get LEGAL free ones, do NOT steal them just because you can’t fucking wait to save up money to buy one. If I can’t afford a book, you know what I do? I wishlist it on Amazon and WAIT until I can afford it.

For you assholes who keep justifying getting my books free online, remember those sites you’re getting them from are usually full of malware. So…fucking KARMA, baby. If you’d bitch if I walked into your house and took money out of your wallet and walked out again, well, that’s the same shit you’re doing to ME and my family. Knock it the fuck off. It’s ILLEGAL, and yes, it IS THEFT.

And yes, you ARE an ASSHOLE for doing it. Fuckers.


Writers are in a lovate relationship with the ‘Zon. Amazon is the biggest game in town. But they arbitrarily change their rules. One thing seems to remain fairly constant–reviews count a LOT toward a book’s visibility.

*IF* you are inclined to do so, I would greatly appreciate HONEST reviews for my books on Amazon. (If you don’t review, no worries, I appreciate you buying my books!) It can be as simple as a line or two.

  • I thought this book was funny. I enjoyed the main character ____.
  • This book was okay, it didn’t work for me as much as I thought it would.
  • I liked parts of this book, but _____ fell flat for me.
  • Great characters, the plot moved along, it made me feel ______.

Those are just some IDEAS. (Not saying you have to copy/paste those.) HONESTY is the key. Talk about the book, about what the book made you FEEL, if nothing else. Just a sentence or two, it REALLY helps a book’s ranking on Amazon. (Again, if you don’t review, that’s TOTES OKAY TOO.)

I greatly appreciate it!!!

– * – OMG, YES, we EVACUATED SHELDON. NONE of our furbabies were left behind–we do NOT leave furbabies behind. I’ve had more questions about people worried about Sheldon. LOL The little dude was CHILL AF while we were at my parents’ house, he was probably the one least impacted by the whole thing. LOL

– **- My apologies to The Fantastiks. (Sorry/not sorry.)


If you’re on Facebook, I have a reader’s group there. Over the next couple of weeks, starting this weekend, I’m going to be holding some flash giveaways for ARCS of my older backlist titles. So…just saying you might want to join and make sure you’re getting alerts from it so you don’t miss out the opportunity to try to grab one. 🙂

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    I really don’t understand why people steal books when, like you said, there are so MANY free books available. Do they not know about BookBub, Booksends, ReadCheaply and more? And from time to time there are giveaways on Goodreads for hard copies. And you can do searches on Amazon for free erotica on Kindle. Follow authors on Facebook, Goodreads and through their websites. Authors will let you know if they have freebies out for a short time. If these thieves left quality reviews they might get picked up by authors for ARCs.

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