Welcome to the apupcalypse.

Apparently all my current work on my Drunk Monkeys series has Gidget a little nervous. She’s picked out her shotgun shells for the coming apupcalypse and is getting herself ready. Because, ya know, every apupcalypse requires a box (or five) of shotgun shells and your trusty sock monkey dog bed… But then… I awoke this … Read More

“Monkey Business” now on Kindle.

Woot! While today is the release for Monkey’s Uncle on BookStrand, Monkey Business, book 1 of my Drunk Monkeys series, has just hit Kindle. (You guys know the drill, it takes the other third-party sites for-farking-ever to get the files processed.) Description [MFM, post-apocalyptic, military/spec ops] When you absolutely, positively have a world to save, … Read More

Release Day! “Monkey’s Uncle” (Drunk Monkeys 2)

Ignore my jiggling, shaking thighs. That’s just me doing my happy dance! 🙂 It’s release day for Monkey’s Uncle, the second installment in my Drunk Monkeys series. Description [Siren MĂ©nage Everlasting: Post-Apocalyptic, Military, Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi MĂ©nage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA] … Read More

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