First Chapter — The Great Turning: Into the Turn (Book 2)

First Chapter — The Great Turning: Into the Turn (Book 2)

Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by releasing this sneak peek of this long overdue project. I’m still in final edits with books two and three, but I’m at a point where book two is looking close to “done.” #OCDcontrolfreakTauruswriter The following is chapter one from The Great Turning: Into the Turn, book two of The … Read More

Yay, it’s Fibromyalgia Friday, #FreebieAlert and other randomness.

Appointment with my GP yesterday. Last week, appointment with the cardiologist. The cardiologist upped the meds to twice a day instead of once a day since they seem to be helping the symptoms I was having. Symptoms they cannot tell me WHY I’m having, because all my tests come back “normal.” I’m the healthiest unhealthy … Read More

Time Machine Discount: Fierce Radiance (Space Confederation 1)

Happy Monday, peeps! πŸ™‚ I’m trying to get myself into a work-week groove again. Don’t feel very good right now (still adjusting to the new medication dosage my cardiologist gave me, and fibro, and arthritis, and the weather, and… ugh) and trying to pace myself. Hope your week is going great, and everyone in the … Read More

Excerpt: The Great Turning (Book 1)

This is an excerpt from my book The Great Turning (writing as Lesli Richardson). [111.2k words, science-fiction, post-apocalyptic, futuristic, dystopian, GLBTQ fiction] It’s almost one hundred years since The Great Turning, the catastrophic meteor strike that changed the world forever. Russell Owens is a recently discharged New North Americas Army sniper who only wants to … Read More

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