AHS: 1984, Episode 2 thoughts (SPOILER WARNING)

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** American Horror Story: 1984 Spoilers Ahead **

The new season is ramping up, so let’s talk about it! 

So episode 2 is in the can. We’re finally starting to see backstory on some of the characters and now the paranormal element is FINALLY being revealed. Which is a good thing, because I was about to say what shitty writing and continuity editing regarding the timeline and the hitchhiker and his ear being sliced off.
First episode, I was pretty sure Margaret Booth was going to turn out to be the psycho who killed everyone in the past and framed Mr. Jingles. Now, we know for certain he’s definitely a psycho. Still not sure what they plan on doing with the Night Stalker character, because it looks like Margaret is the Psycho Whisperer.
Still not sure I like how Leslie Grossman is playing Margaret. She’s a little TOO over-the-top-zealous. Maybe this will pay out later, I don’t know. I personally feel it would have been a far creepier approach to play her more subdued and determined and not borderline foaming at the mouth. Right now, she’s almost comic relief but in a distracting way, not a good way. And, “Oh, you’re a ghost.” She’s not…IDK…freaked out? And Mr. Jingles is a psycho coming after her and she STILL wants to open the camp? Really? If she’d played it more subdued, I think that determination on her part would have worked better. But as-is, she’s a little too campy in the roll. (Gawd, what I wouldn’t give to see Sarah Paulson nailing that role to the wall!)
Speaking of, Sarah Paulson is listed in a few places as cast, so we might yet see a cameo of her.
We also finally saw the guy coming after Xavier, who we had a hint of after he checked his voice mails, but he didn’t last long. Problem–I thought he had a driver with him. Why else did he pull Xavier into the backseat of his car? So is the driver just sitting somewhere waiting? Or did they put the characters into the backseat for no reason at all? Or…? That was confusing.
I know they’re playing on the TSTL tropes of slasher films, but come ON, Brooke (Emma Roberts). You’re terrified and being chased, and yet you still go outside, alone, all over the fricking place? Yeeesh.
I will be SO pissed if they fridge Ray or Rita right off the bat. I’m really hoping Rita is the sole survivor and they kill off Brooke (the “virgin” of the film).
Also, is there anything to the aerobics other than the few scenes in the first episode and the opening montage? Because, I gotta say, if they’re trying to Stranger Things this and go all nostalgic, it’s not working for me. It’s annoying as fuck, especially the music. Maybe the message will come through clearer later in the season. Although I do like how they’re paying homage to John Carpenter’s Halloween theme. (Which I believe he wrote himself, if I’m not mistaken, but I’m too lazy to go Google that right now…)
I’m hoping the larger theme emerges soon, because otherwise, this is starting to look like little more than an homage to slasher flicks. Which is fine, but meh, in my opinion. Other than Halloween (the original) I’m not fond of slasher films, as a whole. It’s like they’re all trying to recapture the feel and shock of Psycho and failing miserably. I prefer the overarching message of previous seasons (can we pretend Cult never happened, because I can’t even watch that past the first few minutes of episode 1) like Roanoke and Coven and Murder House. (My current faves.)
Can we talk for a minute about John Carroll Lynch as Mr. Jingles? Holy fuckballs, the man is amazing and has some massive range! (Not his first season, he played Twisty in Cult and Freak Show, and John Wayne Gacey in Hotel.) Yeah, I know he’s playing a psychopath, but have you seen any of his other work? I didn’t even recognize him, at first.
What are your thoughts about this season so far? What were your favorite seasons? Feel free to discuss in the comments. (Please assume any and all comments contain spoilers.)

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AHS: 1984, Episode 2 thoughts (SPOILER WARNING)
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