Writing How-To: Quck Historical Research Tip

Just a quick tip today. Here’s something neat I discovered with my old friend, Wikipedia. (Yes, I know, you have to double-check what you find on Wikipedia, but it’s a great place to start.) If you need to do research on a particular year for, say, a historical romance you’re writing, you can type in … Read More

Who wants to do Nanowrimo with me?

Well, I’ve decided I’m going to plunge in and try to do Nano again. I’ve said this several times and managed to get sidetracked. Last year, because I was…um, writing. LOL But now I’ve got a reason to, so I’m going to try and use it for desperation inspiration and motivation to get a special … Read More

Psst! Want a free read?

My romantic Halloween shape-shifter story, “Puppy Dog Eyes,” is available free on the Amira Press website! (Click here to get it.) If you like that, check out my other scorching hot Amira Press shape-shifter stories, “Dog Walk” and the sequel, “Doggy Style.” While you’re there, you might want to take a look at the first … Read More

Writing How-To: Recapturing the Wonder

My dad used to go flea marketing every Sunday morning. One day, he came home with what was, to me, a prized gem: a Smith Corona 2200 electric typewriter, blue, much like the one pictured here. I probably single-handedly deforested a small Latin American rain forest with the amount of paper I ran through that … Read More

Review Round-up

I’m behind (what’s new?) in posting the great reviews I’ve received the past couple of weeks. Woot!! The Reluctant Dom (writing as Tymber Dalton) received 5 canes from Bound to Review (Read full review.) This is another emotionally charged unconventional book by Ms Dalton. It shows how many people have misconceptions about BDSM lifestyles and … Read More

"Love Slave for Two: Beginnings (Book 0)" coming Oct. 12!

Woot! My official release date for my next Tymber Dalton book, “Love Slave for Two: Beginnings,” the prequel in my bestselling series, is October 12. It’s available for pre-order now from Siren-BookStrand. http://www.bookstrand.com/product-loveslavefortwobeginnings-14938-200.html Blurb: [Menage Amour: Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Romance, Contemporary, May-December, BDSM, Public Exhibition, M/M, M/M/M, with M/M/M/F] Tyler Paulson came to … Read More

The noise you hear is me smacking my head agains the table.

It’s now not enough I have to patrol pirate file sites for my stuff. Apparently I have to also now patrol sites where writers can post writing. I found a site where some nimrod was in the process of posting my book, “Love Slave for Two.” AND passing it off as their own. Get this … Read More

The can-do spirit is alive and well.

You know, stories like this give me hope. They give me faith in the human race as a whole, and they leave me encouraged that regardless of how bad things get in the world, there will always be someone like these students who will take the initiative to see a supposedly insurmountable challenge and…well, surmount … Read More

When will it be on KINDLE???

I’ve been getting this question at least once a day on average now. For those of you with Kindles who want to read books without having to wait for the Kindle version to come out, you’re in luck! I did some digging. This also means you are no longer tethered exclusively to Kindle content. I … Read More

Interview at The Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe today.

Hi All, I’m being interviewed over at The Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe today, talking about my book “Cross Country Chaos,” what’s coming soon from both my pen names, and more. Please stop by and check it out if you have a moment. http://theblackraveneroticcafe.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

Writing How-To: Home, home on the web…

Every writer today should have a web presence. Period. Full stop. Why? Because agents and publishers want to SEE you. If they’re going to take a chance on you, they want to see you’re serious about your craft. The website doesn’t have to cost you anything other than the price of registering a domain name. … Read More

A writer’s morning.

Roll over and slap snooze button when first alarm goes off for hubby. Mumble thanks when hubby brings coffee into bedroom. Slap snooze button. Slap snooze button. Swear when second alarm goes off and slap snooze button. Drag self out of bed. Gulp coffee. Stumble out to living room to sit in front of computer … Read More

Writing How-To: Getting feedback.

This post was inspired after I read this article, entitled “I Will Not Read Your F***ing Script.” It applies to writers of fiction as well. Now, I haven’t really had the problem the author of the article had. Actually, my problem has been the opposite — who do I ask to read my stuff? Not … Read More


What a cool set of numbers, huh? September 9, 2009. Funny how a year, a month, and a day ago (on 08-08-08) my first book, “Love and Brimstone,” was released by Amira Press. Cliched, but it seems like yesterday. A lot’s happened since then, and still happening. I’m looking at the calendar and cringing, however, … Read More

Monday on a Tuesday – Reviews

I’m woefully behind on review updates. I’ve been blessed to receive some damn spiffy great reviews over the past couple of weeks! It’s safe to say I’m feeling the love. *LOL* Love Slave for Two (writing as Tymber Dalton) received a 5 out of 5 from the San Diego Examiner.com website: “Without retelling or giving … Read More