Teen/YA paranormal/supernatural read suggestions needed.

Because the stupid voice in my head (aka “the Muse”) won’t shut the hell up, I’ve now got a paranormal teen/YA story percolating. (Don’t these kids know I write erotica? Why are they picking on me?) I have read the Twilight series, but I need some other suggestions in the genre so I can read … Read More

Guest Blogging: Seductive Musings Today!

I’m a guest over at the Seductive Musings blog today. Please stop by and check it out, you can enter for a chance to win gift certificates, and you can find out more about how “The Reluctant Dom” and “Domme by Default” (me writing as Tymber Dalton) came to be! http://seductivemusings.blogspot.com/

Writing How-To: Random writing.

Sometimes our creativity…hits a wall. Whether you want to call it writers block or mental constipation or what, sometimes an outside source can jumpstart you. Below are a few fun random word and phrase generators for your perusal. Some pull up real words, some make up new ones. Have fun! Try using them for a … Read More

Big Bhudda Binge and Woodchipper Woot!

Yeah, like THAT title made sense. Following up my post of last week where I lamented that I only had two of the smiling Bhuddas out of what turned out to be a set of six, I returned to the store with BFF the next day and nearly freaked out when I found out they … Read More

Writing How-To: A little hashed phrase to go with the word salad…

Anchors away for our next topic! Um, no, not really. “Aweigh” is correct, however. This hint goes well with the word salad post from last week. See, the English language is a hair-rippingly funny beast. The bastardized, red-headed step-child of many different languages, it causes quite a bit of confusion. And that’s just for those … Read More

Writing How-To: He said WHAT?

Continuing the writing how-to series, another frequent issue that crops up, especially in romance/erotica novels — guys speaking unnaturally. “You little minx.” Now, honestly. When have you EVER heard a modern guy call a woman a “little minx?” I’m not talking a period/historical (although in those I think it’s overused too). Or a hellcat, spitfire, … Read More

Here there be dragons…

Yes, I know, new blog header. I love dragons. Love love luuurrrrvvv them. I went to a local shop the other day with BFF because I’d won a drawing for a “body bag” (turns out no, it wasn’t a body bag, it was a bag full of bath and body supplies) and ended up with … Read More

Writing How-To: Can I get ranch dressing on my word salad?

Continuing the writer how-to series, our next quickie topic: word salad. That’s probably not the best term, because there is a condition called word salad, but for the purposes of this tip it’s the phrase I’ll use. Here’s how you prevent this condition (and yes, I am screaming): DO NOT RELY ON YOUR SPELLCHECK FEATURE! … Read More


I was mightily surprised to find out today, on this 40th anniversary of the moon landing, that there are some braniacs out there who honestly believe the moon landing was a hoax. Really? I guess these people turn themselves inside out trying to disprove we ever made it. I’m not sure why they do, but … Read More

Writing How-To: Characters Behaving Badly

(Before I kick off the first in my writing how-to series, I wanted to put out a shameless self-promotion plug for my new book, “Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell’s Bells,” book 2 in the series. It’s available starting today from Lyrical Press. Woot!) I’ve been wanting to put out a series of quick writing tips … Read More

Writing How-To Series

Because I’ve gotten lazy and reeeallly need to blog more, and because I like to answer questions, I’m starting a new “how-to” writing series on this blog. Starting tomorrow, I’ll post the first topic. You can click on the post label “writing how-to series” and it’ll bring up all the posts as they’re…um…posted. (You can … Read More

How "real" do you like it?

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve written. Been swamped in a good way! And on Monday, July 20th, “Hell’s Bells,” the second book in the Good Will Ghost Hunting series, is coming from Lyrical Press. Today’s question is pitched out to readers and writers alike, because I’m interested in hearing from both sides … Read More

"Advances" in publishing…

An article in the New York Times made me think. It talked about book advances and how they’ve changed, how the amounts are influenced. The article talks about how 7 out of 10 books don’t earn out their advance. That means the author never gets a royalty check, if I’m not mistaken. Also, that it … Read More

#amazonfail & #glitchmyass

Remember how I said I was a Twitter twit? Weeeelll, having something hit really close to home changed all that. Amazon.com, in their infinitely short-sighted wisdom, has apparently decided they are going to delist the sales rankings of a LOT of GLBT-themed books. And yes, mine among them. But not just erotica and fiction, I’m … Read More

Tweet, Twit, Twa…never mind…

I admit it. I’m a Twitter idiot. I mean, I’m pretty good at deciphering php and css code, can build and tweak templates for my website, finally figured out how to use Facebook (then the *&^%$s switched it around and I’m RElearning it), etc, etc, etc. Twitter, not so much. I’ve got an account, but … Read More