Determination Trilogy – Book 3

He wants them.

(MMF, contemporary political romance, secret workplace romance, power exchange, Secret Service agent, HEA)

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

Release Date: 12/28/2018

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He wants them.

When I first met Kevin Markos, we were both drunk college students at Spring Break. It was a week I never expected, and a week I’d never forget.

Especially since I took pictures.

Unfortunately, life got in the way, careers got in the way…as did Kevin’s miles-deep closet. I thought the only way I’d ever see Kevin again was on a TV screen.

But now?

He’s desperate, broken, and broke.

ShaeLynn Samuels is a unique woman with future plans I want to be a part of. And Kevin never left my heart or my thoughts.

Now I have a chance to make both ShaeLynn’s biggest dream come true—and mine.

Kevin’s coming along for the ride whether he wants to or not.

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