Sneak Peek: Dignity (Determination Trilogy 1)

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Here’s a sexy sneak peek of Dignity (Determination Trilogy 1, mmf, political romance), Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson. It’s a standalone spin-off trilogy set in the same world as the Governor Trilogy books.


He wants it back…

My name is Kevin Markos, former star anchor for Full News Broadcasting.

I say former, because an exhaustion- and frustration-fueled emotional on-air meltdown of apocalyptic proportions means my previously dignified reputation and stellar career as a highly respected conservative TV news host and commentator lay in smoking, irreparable ruins. Only one person will hire me now, and it’s the last person I want to work for—Democratic Senator ShaeLynn Samuels, who’s determined to be the next president of the United States.

My reluctance isn’t because of her, but because of who’s working for her—Special Agent Christopher Bruunt, the head of her Secret Service detail.

A college spring break trip I thought was safely hidden in my past, even if it never strayed far from my thoughts, now comes back to haunt me. But if I take this job and succeed, it could resurrect my career and put me at the right hand of the most powerful person in the United States.

But how much am I personally willing to sacrifice to claw my way back to the top? Because Christopher never forgot that spring break, either.

And he has a few agendas of his own.


It’s after eight when my doorbell rings again. I don’t bother pulling on a shirt when I walk to the front door.

Standing in my darkened front entry is Christopher. He’s no longer dressed in the suit he wears while on duty. Now, he’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt that hugs his form, with an unzipped and hooded sweatshirt jacket on over that, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder, and several plastic grocery bags in his hands.

The Lincoln is parked in my driveway. I hope to hell it’s his own vehicle, or at least a rental, and not an official government car. That’s one more bit of gossip I don’t need attached to my name right now.

With a sigh, I open the door for him.

He glances around as he walks in, and I’m sure he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. Or, maybe he does. Maybe it’s not simply engrained habit, but evaluating how far I’ve sunk into the pit of my despair.

The answer to that is pretty damn far, but at least I have forced myself not to become a slob, and I keep the place picked up.

Force of habit, more than anything. Habits like that will keep me going and, hopefully, eventually get me another job.

He heads deeper into the house without speaking to me, his gaze sweeping back and forth.

I close and lock the door, assuming he’s smart enough to remember where the kitchen is on his own. By the time I’ve followed him to the kitchen, I spot he’s set his duffel bag down on the floor at the end of the breakfast bar, and he’s already unloading the grocery bags all over my counter.

He doesn’t meet my gaze, doesn’t even look my way as he starts opening drawers and cabinets, apparently having memorized where everything was from his earlier visit as he starts pulling things out.

He points to the duffel bag without looking at me. “Bag in your bedroom, please,” he quietly says in that voice.

I swallow hard because it’s a tone I’ve dreamed about, fantasized about—missed—for over two decades.

I don’t know what I think I’m going to do, but I straighten my spine and try to summon a little bit of balls. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He’s pulled out my cutting board and chef’s knife I forgot I even had, and starts rinsing a head of broccoli. “I think I’m cooking us dinner, because I’m starving, and you’re eating like a toddler with a credit card. Bag in the bedroom.”

I step all the way into the kitchen, bristling a little at his characterization.

Mostly because what he’s said about me is true. “I appreciate that, but I didn’t ask you to. And I—”

I find myself slammed against the pantry door, one of his hands now wrapped around the front of my throat, and the other firmly planted in my midsection. He leans in close, his face inches from mine.

When he speaks in a growling whisper, I shiver as my cock hardens.

“Bag in your fucking bedroom. Now.”

I’m gasping for air, not because he’s choking mine off but because my guts clench in that painfully delicious way I never thought I’d feel again.

“Yes, Sir.” It falls from my mouth before I’ve even thought about it.

An evil smile curls his lips. He leans in, slanting his mouth over mine, releasing his holds on me because he cages me in with his body, both hands now planted against the wall on either side of my head. The entire length of his form, every hardened and chiseled inch of him, presses against me.

Including his erect cock.

Before I even realize I’m doing it, I’m writhing against him, my own cock aching in a way it hasn’t in…

Too damn long.

I don’t bother trying to resist, because we both know I want this. Fuck trying to lie or preserve some illusion of my reputation.

I want this.

Specifically, I want him.

My lips part for his and his tongue plunges into my mouth, owning me.

Far too soon, he draws back, leaving me panting against the wall and staring at him.

His gaze narrows as he stares at me, like he’s expecting someth—

Oh, right.

Bag in the bedroom.

I scramble to do it.

As I snatch the bag’s strap and hurry out with it, behind me I hear the sound of the knife on the cutting board once more, and Christopher’s low, throaty chuckle.

I feel that pleasant clench in my guts again.

God, I missed that.

You can pre-order all three books in the Determination Trilogy–Dignity, Diligence, and Desire–from all the usual outlets. (Hint: If you pre-order them, you’ll pay less than you will if you wait. The price will be going up the week after release.)


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Sneak Peek: Dignity (Determination Trilogy 1)
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