#ketodiet – I’m a believer. (Nom nom nom.)

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I purchased the book Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan at the recommendation of my doctor (she’s his daughter). Hubby and I have tried several recipes in it with great success, including the mug biscuits.

I should add we’re not hard-core keto adherents. We’re just making a few changes here and there, and really like the recipes so far.

One area I was hesitant to branch out into is the desserts, which look amazing. But they use a sugar substitute, which is where I was unsure. I don’t do well with most sugar substitutes. I can use Sweet’N Low in cold beverages, and that’s about it. Any of the others I’ve tried have made me sick, and I’m not super-fond of stevia in its “bare” state.

But in the book, she references the Lily’s baking chips and Swerve sugar replacement, so I thought why not give it a shot? Worst thing happens is we don’t like it and give whatever we don’t use to friends who will use it.






We made the Chocolate Chip Mug Cake recipe last night, along with the whipped cream recipe. Son was home with us, and he agrees that it’s definitely a winner. Our next attempt will be the brownies recipe.

The chips (I got the dark chocolate ones) were AMAZING. The Swerve doesn’t have that nasty chemical aftertaste that a lot of sugar substitutes do, and even better, my stomach didn’t get upset.

And OH. MY. GODDESS… it was SO FREAKING GOOD! (So good that we inhaled them and I totally forgot to take pictures.)

I’m a believer. I’m going to start using the Swerve more often (I also got the granular and brown sugar varieties, in addition to the confectioner’s variety) to replace regular sugar.

So if you’re looking for something different, I can definitely vouch for the recipes we’ve tried so far. They’ve been easy to make and tasty. And I personally love the Lily’s dark chocolate chips.

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#ketodiet – I’m a believer. (Nom nom nom.)
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