Determination Trilogy – Book 1

He wants it back…

(MMF, contemporary political romance, secret workplace romance, pining, lost loves reunited, frenemies to lovers, female POTUS, Secret Service agent, power exchange, HEA)

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

Release Date: 12/28/2018

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He wants it back…

My name is Kevin Markos, former star anchor for Full News Broadcasting.

I say former, because an exhaustion- and frustration-fueled emotional on-air meltdown of apocalyptic proportions means my previously dignified reputation and stellar career as a highly respected conservative TV news host and commentator lay in smoking, irreparable ruins. Only one person will hire me now, and it’s the last person I want to work for—Democratic Senator ShaeLynn Samuels, who’s determined to be the next president of the United States.

My reluctance isn’t because of her, but because of who’s working for her—Special Agent Christopher Bruunt, the head of her Secret Service detail.

A college spring break trip I thought was safely hidden in my past, even if it never strayed far from my thoughts, now comes back to haunt me. But if I take this job and succeed, it could resurrect my career and put me at the right hand of the most powerful person in the United States.

But how much am I personally willing to sacrifice to claw my way back to the top? Because Christopher never forgot that spring break, either.

And he has a few agendas of his own.

This MMF contemporary political romance features older main characters, second-chance love, an Alpha Secret Service agent, power exchange, pining, frenemies to lovers, a secret workplace romance at the highest levels of our nation’s government, political intrigue, and a satisfying HEA. Book 1 of the Determination Trilogy, a standalone spin-off trilogy set in the world of the Governor Trilogy, the Devastation Trilogy, and others.

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