#ketodiet – I’m a believer. (Nom nom nom.)

#ketodiet – I’m a believer. (Nom nom nom.)

Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss an update! (There are affiliate links in this post.) I purchased the book Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan at the recommendation of my doctor (she’s his daughter). Hubby and I have tried several recipes in it with great success, including the mug biscuits. I should add we’re not … Read More

Monday Musing: Nothing as humiliating as a new swimsuit search.

So yesterday I had that most humiliating of experiences, one that ranks right up there with annual pap smears, prostate exams, and having a child under the age of four teach you how to use technology. Yes, I had to go shopping for a new bathing suit. When I went to put my nearly two-year-old … Read More

Quitting Cymbalta (so far, so good)…

UPDATE: Today is one week since my last dose of Cymbalta, and actually feeling REALLY good. Mood swings are pretty much gone (although I do keep joking about “not killing” anyone LOL). Hubby said that yes, the past several days I seem really good. I’m still only taking the 10mg Flexeril at night like I … Read More

Quitting Cymbalta (and it isn’t pretty).

This pretty much describes me (partly) the past few days. Yes, Hubby is still alive. Sir (lucky Him) is several states and several thousand miles away on vacation and out of harm’s reach… LOL I suppose I should back up a few steps. Okay, for those of you who follow me on a regular basis, … Read More

…And I didn’t drown.

Well, I signed us up for a gym. Nice place, even has a pool, hot tub, and sauna. And today they had an “aqua fit” class. I figured that would be perfect for me, low-impact and easy to do because of my fibro. Hubby went with me and did it too. We survived. LOL We … Read More

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