Time Machine Discount: Steam (Triple Trouble Prequel)

For a limited time, my Triple Trouble series prequel, Steam, is available for only .99 as a Time Machine discount: http://www.bookstrand.com/steam You can find the reading order for all the books in my Triple Trouble series on the series page. Triple Trouble Series Page (Hint: Yes, Triple Trouble 8 is coming soon!)

Random Giveaway Time: Dragon Edition!

*This giveaway is now CLOSED and the winners have been posted HERE.* Aren’t they cute? I picked these dragons (and two others, but I’m not giving them away, yet at least LOL) up at IKEA and forgot I had them. (Hence the tags on them LOL.) You are playing for a chance to win one … Read More

Release Day: Triple Trouble 5 – Out of Smoke and Ashes

Woot! It’s release day for the next installment in my Triple Trouble series, Out of Smoke and Ashes! And for a limited time, if you also purchase books one and two of my Placida Pod series, you can get them at a discount. (And yes, I’m finishing up book 6, tentatively titled A Wolf in … Read More

And the voices speaketh…

So, good news first, looks like I have a tentative release date of Friday, May 3rd, for Many Blessings (Coffeeshop Coven 1). That’s Mandaline’s book. Book 2 (not yet titled or finished) will be Sachi’s book. Aaaand onward… I’d planned on getting the next book in the Triple Trouble series done and submitted by May, … Read More

Review: "Fire and Ice (Triple Trouble Prequel)"

Another great review to post, about “Fire and Ice,” the Triple Trouble bridge book! http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=5980 “I highly recommend this story to paranormal lovers who enjoy dragons, werewolves and shifters, oh my!”

"Triple Dog Dare" (Triple Trouble 4) available for pre-order.

The fourth installment of my Triple Trouble series, “Triple Dog Dare,” is now available for pre-order from Siren-BookStrand! http://www.bookstrand.com/triple-dog-dare Blurb: [Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, with M/M/F elements not involving the main characters, shape-shifters, HEA] Elain Pardie thought being mated to three wolf shifters was the best thing that ever … Read More

“Triple Dog Dare,” the fourth installment in my Triple Trouble shape-shifter series, is coming on Monday, May 21st. http://www.bookstrand.com/tymber-dalton The proper order to read all the books in the series is: “Boiling Point” (Tasty Treats Vol. 3) Steam Fire and Ice Trouble Comes in Threes Storm Warning Three Dog Night Triple Dog Dare (May 21st)

Adult Excerpt: "Fire and Ice" (Triple Trouble prequel)

“Fire and Ice,” the long-awaited prequel to my Triple Trouble shape-shifter series is now available from Siren-BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/fire-and-ice Blurb: [Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, M/M elements not involving the heroes, dragons, werewolves, consensual BDSM, whipping, spanking, HEA] Lina thought surviving her Yellowstone vacation was hairy. She doesn’t even have time … Read More

Heartburn, writing, and Triple Trouble series update.

I am a creature of habit. I am a Taurus, after all. I plod along, able to bend with the flow, but when my core routine is disturbed it throws me off totally. Well, Hubby is up in Ohio visiting family (hi, Honey! *waving*). I guess my body decided to throw a new monkey wrench … Read More

Excerpt & Adult Excerpt: Steam (prequel to the Triple Trouble series)

“Steam,” the sequel to “Boiling Point” (Tasty Treats Vol. 3) and a prequel to “Trouble Comes in Threes” (Triple Trouble 1) is available from Siren-BookStrand. Here’s an excerpt and an adult excerpt to whet your appetite! 🙂 http://www.bookstrand.com/steam Blurb: [Ménage Amour 128: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Shape-Shifter] Lina’s finally getting the hang … Read More

FAQ: When will you write more Triple Trouble books?

🙂 I love having this “problem.” (No, I don’t consider it a problem. *LOL*!) One of the most common questions I’m getting is, “When will you write the next Triple Trouble book? I’m working on it! *LOL* Here’s the deal — The Lyall wolves and the Alexandr dragons are now inextricably linked. (Damn characters taking … Read More

Cover: "Steam"

Happy New Year! This is the cover for my soon-to-be released dragon shifter story, “Steam,” the sequel to “Boiling Point.” (Siren-BookStrand, writing as Tymber Dalton.) For those of you who enjoy my Triple Trouble shape-shifter series, you’ll be happy to learn this is a prequel to “Trouble Comes in Threes” and features Brodey Lyall.

Here there be dragons…

Yes, I know, new blog header. I love dragons. Love love luuurrrrvvv them. I went to a local shop the other day with BFF because I’d won a drawing for a “body bag” (turns out no, it wasn’t a body bag, it was a bag full of bath and body supplies) and ended up with … Read More

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