🙂 I love having this “problem.” (No, I don’t consider it a problem. *LOL*!)

One of the most common questions I’m getting is, “When will you write the next Triple Trouble book?
I’m working on it! *LOL*
Here’s the deal — The Lyall wolves and the Alexandr dragons are now inextricably linked. (Damn characters taking over anyway.) Before I can put out book four in the Triple Trouble series, I need to finish my “bridge” book that will fill in the time gap and backstory between “Steam” and “Trouble Comes in Threes.”
But yes, there will be a book four and beyond, most likely up to six, if not more depending on where the characters take me.
Here’s the order to read them in. Don’t worry, you can read them all and then go back and read the bridge book when it comes out without missing anything. The bridge book will tie everything in so that book four makes sense.
“Boiling Point” (Tasty Treats Vol. 3)
“Trouble Comes in Threes” (Triple Trouble 1)
“Storm Warning” (Triple Trouble 2)
“Three Dog Night” (Triple Trouble 3)
You can get them all from my publisher, Siren-BookStrand, and at various third-party distributors like Kindle, etc. Except for “Steam,” they are all currently available in print as well. (Note: TCiT and SW are combined in print as “Triple Trouble Volume 1.”)
FAQ: When will you write more Triple Trouble books?
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