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Whew! What a week. I hate the “short” months because it’s a day lost on my deadline. Exhausted, massive fibro flare pain from stress and the weather, and just wishing I’d hit the Powerball. LOL I heard Scrivener (the software I write in) had a massive update. I got it, updated…

“You can’t run this software on your MacOS version…”

Oh, fuuuuuudge.

But I didn’t say fudge.

So I had to update to High Sierra, which I’d been putting off. (I’m down to about 20 gigs of free hard drive space and was hoping to delay the update for a little while.)

Then, when I open the new version of Scrivener, I find the compile function is COMPLETELY different!

That is literally a screenshot from the manual. So here I am, scrambling to try to figure out how to compile to a Word document in the format and specs I need to submit to my publisher.

A warning BEFORE I updated to Scrivener 3 would have been nice…



It LITERALLY warns you if you are “facing a rapidly approaching deadline” to not update.

Would have been nice if I’d known that BEFORE I updated!

*more head/desking*

So that’s another thing I get to sit down and do before next deadline, is figure out how the FUDGE (hey, it’s December, I am allowed to quote from A Christmas Story now) to set up my projects.

They WERE set up. I spent an HOUR trying to figure out how to set the labels up to display in the binder like they used to. Which is still different because of the UI. But close enough to not make my eye twitch too much.

Still playing catch-up from losing two weeks to Hurricane Irma. It’s a snowball effect, and I have two sets of edits to finish and get back to Siren in the next couple of days. So…no day off for me today. Hubby has been in Christmas mode the past couple of weeks, getting the front yard decorated with lights and blowups. Next–the inside tree. LOL

Or, as it’s known around here, the annual war with our cats. LOL

Kiwi isn’t sure about the outside decorations. She’s wondering what the hell when she looks at them. She’s sort of scared of them. I think she thinks they’ll eat her or something. (She is tiny.)

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I’ve signed the contract for Almost Gothic (Suncoast Society 65) which is Rusty and Eliza’s story. Look for it in January (2018).

On Monday (11/27/17) Love Slave for Two: Resilience (book 5) released! Yay! Book 6 is available for pre-order and releases on 12/11/17.

Also yesterday (11/30) the Tymber Dalton Special Collection 2 released. It’s a box set containing three previously released full-length books: Stoneface, Contractual Obligation, and Hernando Heat. (No new content, just a great deal!)

In other news, now on third-party sites is Never Too Late for Love (Suncoast Society 60, MMMF) and the Triple Trouble Prequel Collection. And in case you missed it, Reconsider Me (Suncoast Society 59, MM) is also on third-party sites.

I keep the spreadsheet of my legal buy links updated. It gives you a list of all my books, in all the formats (e-books, audio, print) at all the vendors. (And Hubby’s books, too.)

What’s coming next?

Besides Rusty and Eliza’s story, we’ve got Empty-Handed Heart (Suncoast Society 66, MMF). I’m also working on Space Confederation 2, among other projects.


(I include affiliate links because it makes me a few pennies and doesn’t cost you a dime!)

Kindle Fire 7 tablets were on sale for Black Friday, but they’re still a great deal for a tablet, if you need holiday gifts.

Bestie Ravenna Tate’s newest MC romance is out! Phenex’s Retribution (Demons on Wheels MC 4)

Sam Crescent has a new release: Her Bodyguard (Curvy Women Wanted 8)

Jenika Snow (with Jordan Marie) has a new one: Planting His Seed (Hot-Bites Novella)

Doris O’Connor’s latest is available: Her Best Friend’s Husband


(These were free as of the time of posting.)


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