#freebiealert and a NEW release in the Midnight Doms vamp series.

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Now Available: Her Vampire Prince (Midnight Doms series) by Ines Johnson. This is the same series I’ll be writing in, and it’s a hot one!


How hard is it to die?
Don’t ask me. I’ve been failing at it for a year.
My father lost his life in a fatal car wreck while I walked away without a scratch.
Now I taunt that bastard Death on a daily basis.
Volcano hopping. Street racing. Skydiving.
But then Death comes for me.

For centuries, I’ve been a dead vampire walking.
No warmth, no feeling. No reason to live.
Then she bursts into my life.
A mortal daredevil with a carefree laugh.
She literally falls from the sky and into my arms.
She’s got a death wish and I’ve got a hunger only she can slake.

She’s my prey, but she wants to leave?
No way. She’s mine. And I’m never letting her go.

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Yes, I’m working to get Innocent and Incisive (Inequitable books 2 & 3) ready for upload.

Indiscretion (Inequitable Trilogy 1, MMM)

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Leo Cruz is a retired Secret Service agent. Even though he survived a small-plane crash, being the body man for President ShaeLynn Samuels is frequently the most terrifying job he’s ever held.

VP Elliot Woodley is deep in the closet and has his eye on being POTUS in eight years. Trouble is, Leo can’t seem to let Elliot go despite Elliot’s inability to commit to something long-term between them.

In walks young staffer Jordan Walsh, like a lamb among starving lions.

And Leo’s feeling pretty damn hungry.

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Eddie’s Book (Appeared in Chief. Pre-order now!)

Pet (Governor Trilogy 5)

Some promises can’t be kept…

(MM, political romance)

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

Release Date: November 23, 2020

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Kindle (CA) | Kindle (AU)
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From birth, my life has been a series of wrong turns and dead ends. Only one person truly loved me, and I walked away from them. Now, they’re unavailable.

I have a dark soul. That’s what I’ve always been told. Makes me good at my work, though. It’s kept me alive, even when I haven’t cared if I lived or died. Even when I welcomed death, and it still eluded me. Makes it easy not to get attached. I guess I’m lucky.

Until an unexpected reversal of fortune thrusts me into an unwinnable situation. Now, I’m not so sure I want to die.

But a brother’s unkept promise might be the only thing that keeps me alive.

Author’s Note: This is Eddie’s book (from Chief – Governor Trilogy book 3). It is recommended you read Chief and Yes, Governor before reading this book.

Also, before you ask, no, do NOT panic. He’s not joining Carter, Owen, and Susa. How does he get his HEA? You’ll just have to read and find out. <evil grin>


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#freebiealert and a NEW release in the Midnight Doms vamp series.
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